Welcome to the Plant Legend website! This website aims to give apartment and homeowners tips and tricks on how to take care of their houseplants. Throughout this website, you will find posts about taking care of a specific plant to finding posts about solving common houseplant problems.


Why Did I Start Plant Legend?

why did i start plant legend

During the pandemic, I became interested in houseplants when I was gifted a subscription plant service. Each month, I would receive a new plant in the mail and generic tips on taking care of them. Some plants would survive, but others not so much. Over time, I began investing more and more time learning about each plant and why some would thrive in one setting while another needed something different.


On August 2021, I purchased the domain Plant Legend. Since then, I add around 15 unique blog posts per month to the site. My goal is to get over 200 unique blogs on the site by August 2022.


About Me

Outside of houseplants, I run my own SEO digital marketing company, TM Blast, LLC. I’ve been in the SEO game for over a decade but recently began building my own websites. Outside of TM Blast, LLC, I run a sports website called The Stadium Reviews, LLC


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