How to Care for a Zebra Plant Succulent

How to Care for a Zebra Plant Succulent

A Zebra Plant succulent can be the perfect addition to the windowsill in your home. It’s small, easy to manage, and looks pretty darn cute with its rosette white stripes on the dark green leaves. This plant is originally from South Africa and is similar to an aloe plant. Here is what you need to know about Zebra succulent plant care.


What is the Scientific Name?

The scientific name for a Zebra Succulent is Haworthia Fasciata.


Other Names

  • Zebra Haworthia
  • Zebra Cactus Plant


What Soil Works Best for a Zebra Succulent?

What Soil Works Best for a Zebra Succulent

A cactus and succulent potting mix work best for this plant. Having a well-draining soil mix works best for this indoor plant since it only likes the soil to be moist, not soggy. Root rot is a familiar problem with this plant, so make sure you place the plant in a container with drainage holes.


Does this Plant Need Fertilizer?

Every month, a liquid fertilizer works well for this succulent during the growing season. The recommendation is to dilute the fertilizer to start for the first few times you use it. You don’t need to use the liquid fertilizer during the winter months since the plant won’t be growing as much.


How Much Sun Does a Zebra Succulent Need?

How Much Sun Does a Zebra Succulent Need

This succulent does best with bright and indirect light. It can withstand a few hours of direct sunlight, but too much can scorch the leaves. If the plant is in an area in your home with direct sunlight, make sure to put a curtain over the window to reduce the sun’s glare. Leaving the plant out under direct sunlight can scorch the leaves.


As a note, this plant can tolerate low light conditions for a bit. However, you shouldn’t leave the plant in an area with low light for too long.


What Temperature Works Best for Haworthia Fasciata?

Room temperatures ranging from 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit work best for this succulent. It can tolerate temperatures dipping down to the 50 degrees Fahrenheit mark, but it is best not to change them so often. However, you can leave this plant outside at the 50-degree mark if that is how cold your falls and winters are.


Do Zebra Succulents Enjoy Humidity?

do zebra succulents enjoy humidity

This houseplant doesn’t need any humid environments to thrive. Average humidity in your home will work well for this plant. However, the one thing that this plant is looking for is good air circulation.


How Often Should You Water a Zebra Succulent?

This houseplant enjoys watering when the top inch or so of soil becomes dry. You can expect to water this plant more often during the spring and the summer. You can scale back how often you water it during the winter months. Overall, this plant is familiar with underwatering, so less is always better than more.


What Size Does Zebra Succulents Grow to Typically?

What Size Does Zebra Succulent Grow to Typically

A Zebra Succulent will around is around 6 inches.


What are the Most Common Bugs for Haworthia Fasciata?

Common bugs that attack this plant include mealybugs, spider mites, thrips, and scale. If you notice these bugs latch on to your plant, you will need to remove them. You can use insecticidal soap with a wet paper cloth to remove them.


What are the Most Common Diseases?

Root rot is a frequent issue with this plant from overwatering. You should ensure that this plant is in a container with suitable drainage holes to reduce root rot. Also, make sure you only water the plant when the soil becomes dry.


Why are the Leaves Turning Brown?

Brown leaves indicate that this plant is getting too much direct sun. If you notice that the plant has brown leaves via a sunburn, you should put a sheet or curtain over the window to reduce the sun’s glare or move the plant into an area with less direct sunlight.


How Do You Propagate a Zebra Succulent?

You can quickly propagate the mother plant to create new plants around your home. The best times to propagate this plant are in the late spring or summer since that has the most growth. Here are the steps for propagation.


  1. Remove a healthy part of the Zebra Succulent you want to propagate
  2. Place the cutting into the fresh cactus potting mix
  3. Move the succulent into an area that receives indirect light
  4. Water the plant in the new soil
  5. Wait for the plant to settle before watering it again


You can also propagate the plant from its offsets.


How Often Should You Repot a Zebra Succulent?

How Often Should You Repot a Zebra Succulent

The best time to repot this succulent is when the roots grow too large for the pot. If you notice the roots are sticking out of the pot, you need to move it to a slightly bigger container. When repotting the plant, make sure you put it in fresh soil. However, this succulent is a slow grower, so you probably don’t need to repot it.


What is the Hardiness Zone?

Anything above 9 works best for this indoor succulent.


Is this Plant Toxic?

This plant is not toxic.


Conclusion — How to Take Care of a Zebra Plant Succulent

In summary, a zebra succulent is straightforward to manage, even if you are a beginner. The plant can last without water for a long time, making it incredibly easy to manage. Not only does it need little water, but the plant does best with indirect light, which means it works well in pretty much any room you have in your home.


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