How to Make Flowers Last Longer

How to Make Flowers Last Longer

When giving a fresh bouquet of flowers to a significant other or loved one, you want to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Controlling the environment of your flowers is crucial to prevent them from failing, as bacterial growth, dehydration, and temperature fluctuation can quickly weaken your beautiful flower arrangement. Along with the plants’ environment, there are other ways to preserve flowers to last longer, like adding nutrients to the soil and water.


So, should you put sugar in flower water to keep flowers fresh? Does vinegar, alcohol, apple cider vinegar, or aspirin make flowers last longer? Should you cut flowers to keep them fresh longer? What are some DIY ideas to keep flowers fresh longer? Finally, what tends to kill flowers in a vase?


Here is the complete guide on how to make flowers last longer.


Should You Put Sugar in Flower Water to Keep Flowers Fresh?

Should You Put Sugar in Flower Water to Keep Flowers Fresh

According to UMass Amherst, you can add sugar to flower water to prolong the life of your flowers, as the carbohydrates help perpetuate the metabolic flow of the plant. However, sugar and water can create an environment where microorganisms thrive, harming your flower, so including a biocide in your sugar solution is essential. If you plan to use sugar, consider using less initially to test how the plant or flower responds to the sugary water.


You can use two common biocides in your sugar water solution: bleach and Physan. The proportions of your solution will primarily depend on what kind of flowers you are preserving and how many there are. It is essential to consult a professional before mixing to ensure optimal safety and the best results. When mixing your sugar and biocide solution, it is usually best to use warm water to allow the sugar to dissolve a little easier.


Does Vinegar Make Flowers Last Longer?

Does Vinegar Make Flowers Last Longer

According to, vinegar can be mixed with sugar on a two to two ration to help make your flowers last longer. The vinegar keeps bacteria from growing by balancing the PH levels of the water.


It is essential to remember that vinegar alone will not help your flowers. Some mix vinegar with bleach and sugar, producing the best results. Typically, people will use white vinegar with sugar in their flower water.


If this is your first time using vinegar with flowers, consider using only a smaller mix of this solution to see how the flowers react to it before adding more.


Does Adding Some Alcohol to Water Help Keep Flowers Fresh?

Does Adding Some Alcohol to Water Help Keep Flowers Fresh

A study from CBS showed that diluting different alcohols like vodka, whiskey, or gin in flower water can prevent stem growth but keep the blossoms fresher for longer.


Some studies show that vodka can help flowers stay fresh for longer. Plants will usually emit a ripening ethylene gas which helps the plant grow. Placing the vodka into the flower’s water can help stop the plant from emitting ethylene and keep the plant from maturing and ultimately wilting.


While alcohol can help plants stay fresh longer, it does not always work optimally for all plants, and it is essential to dilute the alcohol to prevent harm to the plant.


Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help Keep Flowers Fresh?

Like white vinegar, apple cider vinegar can keep your flowers fresher for longer. Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar in your flower water. Changing the water every few days and remaking the mixture to keep it fresh is crucial.


Will an Aspirin Make Flowers Last Longer?

Crushing aspirin tablets into your flower water is a great way to provide food for your flowers and prevent the growth of bacteria, acid, and fungi. Changing the water every few days to keep it fresh to get optimal results is still important.


Should You Cut Flowers to Keep them Fresh Longer?

Should You Cut Flowers to Keep them Fresh Longer

Cutting your flower stems is the perfect way to keep flowers fresh longer. Using garden shears, safely cut the ends of the stems at a 45-degree angle allowing the plant to absorb the water more adequately.


Remove all the leaves that would rest under the waterline when cutting your flower stems, as these leaves contribute to bacterial growth and odor.


What are Some DIY Ideas to Keep Flowers Fresh Longer?

What are Some DIY Ideas to Keep Flowers Fresh Longer

Along with vinegar, aspirin, and alcohol, there are plenty of DIY ideas to keep your flowers fresh for longer. One of the most straightforward DIY ideas is dropping a copper penny into your vase, as the copper acts as an acidifier and prevents bacterial growth. Some even mix sprite.


Another simple DIY idea is to place your bouquet of flowers in the refrigerator overnight for about eight hours. Some studies show that lower temperatures can help keep the flower from maturing as fast as it would in warmer temperatures. Many florists will do this to keep their floral arrangements fresh. You can also mix flower food or preservatives with room-temperature water to create an optimal environment for your cut flowers.


One DIY idea circulating online is spraying hairspray on the blossoms; however, this does not help your flowers remain fresh and is not recommended.


What Kills Flowers in a Vase?

One of the main dangers to your flowers is the water that your flowers are resting in. Over time, water can develop bacteria, so most remedies to protect your flowers involve keeping your water fresh and fighting the bacteria. Placing cold water in a clean vase before arranging your fresh-cut flowers is best.


Heat can also be detrimental to your flowers. If you place your vase by a window with direct sunlight, next to a heater, or in a room with higher temperatures, your flowers will wilt faster.


Conclusion: How to Make Flowers Last Longer

There are several ways you can make your flowers last longer, all of which center around controlling the environment of your flowers. It is essential to cut the stems of your flowers, remove the foliage on the stems submerged in the water, and replace the vase water with fresh water every few days.


You can also make different DIY solutions to increase the chances of longer-lasting flowers. You can use vinegar, alcohol, sugar, aspirin, and even pennies to help balance the PH levels of the flower water and help fight bacterial growth.


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