How to Press Flowers in a Book

How to Press Flowers in a Book

When you receive a beautiful bouquet from a partner or loved one, there is an inevitable point where the flowers begin to wilt; however, you can make your flowers last a very long time by pressing them. You need some parchment paper, a heavy book, a weight, and flowers to press flowers. Though a relatively straightforward process, a few tips and tricks may help you get the most out of your beautiful flowers. Though it can be tricky, this is a great craft project for beginners looking for a simple way to spruce up their space or use their dying flowers.


So, what does pressing flowers mean? How long do pressed flowers last in a book? How do you press flowers in a book without parchment paper, and how do you limit ruining the book? Are there ways to keep flowers from going brown when you press them? What flowers tend to work the best for pressing flowers? Is it better to press or dry flowers?


Here is the complete guide on how to press flowers in a book.


How I Press Flowers in a Book


Simple Steps to Take to Press Flowers in a Book

Simple Steps to Take to Press Flowers in a Book

  1. Choose the flowers you want to press in a book. Ideally, these flowers should not be completely dead since they can become damaged when you press them into the book. Also, be sure to let these flowers dry before placing them into a book.
  2. Put the flowers on a parchment paper / paper towel
  3. Close the book and put heavy objects, like other books, on top to create weight and the press.
  4. Let the press sits for a few weeks.
  5. Check the results!


What Does Pressing Flowers Mean?

What Does Pressing Flowers Mean

Pressing flowers is one way to dry and preserve your flowers for decorations or flower art, bookmarks, or greeting cards. Pressing flowers is a popular way to keep wedding or anniversary bouquets to create a sentimental keepsake, as it is a straightforward process.


You can press flowers by placing them between the pages of a book, ironing them while they are covered in parchment paper, or even zapping them in a microwave. You can even use two pieces of wood and pieces of parchment paper.


When pressing flowers in a book, it is best to use a large book to avoid a phone book, as it is too flimsy to support the flower.
You can also purchase a flower presser designed specifically for pressing flowers. They are usually made of two pieces of wood with layers of paper in between.


How Do You Press Flowers in a Book Without Parchment Paper?

How Do You Press Flowers in a Book Without Parchment Paper

You can use regular printer paper if you do not have parchment paper on hand. The point of the parchment paper is to protect your book and absorb the moisture from your flowers, thus drying it out. Therefore, whatever absorbent paper you have on hand should do the trick. Newspapers, paper towels, and even coffee filters could work. Some paper, like tissue paper, can be a little more challenging because the flowers can stick to the paper and ruin your flowers.


If you are not concerned about the pages of an old book, you can press the flower between the pages directly without parchment paper or otherwise. Bear in mind that the moisture from the flower can cause the flower to stick to paper like printing paper, so parchment paper is a much safer bet. If you find your flowers sticking to your paper, you can use tweezers to gently separate them from the paper without damaging them. There are so many different methods of pressing flowers that you can easily work around not having parchment paper.


How Long Do Pressed Flowers Last in a Book?

How Long Do Pressed Flowers Last in a Book

Once your flowers are settled between the parchment paper and nestled in the pages of the book, leave the flowers alone for about seven to ten days. Whether you leave your pressed flowers in your book or remove them, they can last for years. It is best to avoid placing your dried flowers in direct sunlight as they can fade and deteriorate much faster.


Because pressed flowers last a long time, they are perfect for brightening your home year-round and not just in the spring and summer.


How Do You Press Flowers Without Ruining the Book?

how do you press flowers without ruining the book

The best way to protect the pages of your book when you press flower is to use parchment paper, printing paper, newspaper, or any paper on hand and place the flower between the two pieces of paper before closing it in a book. The paper will cover the pages of your book while absorbing the moisture of your flowers, preventing mold from growing.


How Do You Stop Flowers Going Brown When You Press Them?

How Do You Stop Flowers Going Brown When You Press Them

Though pressed flowers can last for years, it is not uncommon for your flowers to brown or fades over time. It is even common for some flowers’ colors to fade in the process of pressing them. If your flower is damaged, is synthetically dyed, holds too much moisture, or is older, you can expect the color to fade or brown in the pressing process. Sometimes, the type of flower you are trying to press does not hold its color.


When pressing flowers, the fresher the better; however, it is also best to allow your flower to air dry a little before pressing it to ensure that not too much moisture gets trapped in the book and discolors your flowers.


Remember what kind of flower you are pressing and whether or not it has been synthetically dyed or damaged. In these cases, it is difficult to avoid discoloration or fading, but they can still turn out beautifully despite the lack of color.


What Flowers Tend to Work the Best for Pressing Flowers?

According to Interflora, some flowers are better for pressing as they retain color much better. Some of the best flowers to press are pansies, violas, daisies, geraniums, cosmos, zinnias, and delphiniums. When considering pressing your flowers, you can research the type of flower and determine what kind of outcome to expect.


It is best to pick flowers that have had the chance to dry in the sun, as the moisture from damp flowers tends to help produce mold.


Is it Better to Press or Dry Flowers?

Pressing flowers is, in fact, another way of drying them, as the pages pressing the flower absorb the moisture from the flower and dry it out over time. Other methods of drying flowers do not involve pressing the flower flat. Whether or not you press your flowers or dry them using another method depends on what you plan to use the flowers for. If you want a dry bouquet, it is best not to press them; however, pressing is best to preserve your flowers in a picture frame.


Conclusion: How to Press Flowers in a Book

While there are several ways to press your flowers, the most common method is placing your flowers between two sheets of paper and between the pages of a book and placing a weight on the top of the book. It is straightforward, though you may find certain flowers brown or discolored during the process.


You can avoid browning or fading by pressing fresh flowers that have had the chance to dry slightly in the open air.


As a form of drying, pressing your flowers is a great way to preserve your blossom and make decorative collages and pictures.


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