How to Take Care of a Bamboo Plant

how to take care of a bamboo plant

Indoor bamboo plants are some of the strongest plants in the world. They are well known for being great houseplants too. Some popular bamboo types include Lotus, Fargesia, and Seabreeze. Learn how to take proper care of bamboo plants now!


What is the Benefit of a Bamboo Plant?

The bamboo plant is a sign of good luck and positive energy according to the Chinese belief of Feng Shui. For example, the number of stalks represents a few different things. Six bamboo stalks represent good fortune, while two represent love, and ten represents perfection.


One of the other benefits of having this good fortune plant is that it can help you get rid of any toxins in your house. It also helps against carbon dioxide and any other kind of air pollutant.


According to Balcony Garden Web, another thing to note is that Dracaena Sanderiana, or the lucky bamboo plant, might increase memory alertness.


What Temperature and Humidity Do Bamboo Plants Enjoy?

Bamboo plants do best in temperatures between 65 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It would be best not to place the bamboo plant in front of any hot window or directly in front of an AC unit. Otherwise, bamboo plants can do well in a wide range of temperatures, making them great household plants.


How Much Sun Does a Bamboo Plant Need?

Bamboo plants, just like any other plant, will require a certain amount of sunlight to grow. For a light source, bamboo only needs indirect sunlight, unlike other plants that need direct sunlight. Artificial lights such as a lamp are also okay to use if you have them in a room with no window access.


If you were to leave it in too much sunlight, the plant might turn yellow, and yellow leaves are not a good sign when it comes to bamboo. If bamboo leaves turn yellow, you can prune the leaves, and new shoots will grow. Overwatering the plant can also create yellow leaves.


How Much Water Does a Bamboo Plant Need?

how much water does a bamboo plant need

A bamboo plant usually only needs a certain amount of watering, very similar to other plants. However, if the water is not filtered correctly, that water could make yellow leaves. Chemicals in the water that you need to worry about include fluoride and chlorine.


You should test your tap water before using it on your bamboo plant. Check to make sure there are no high levels of fluoride or chlorine. If your reader comes back with high levels of either chemical, you should use a filtered water source to water your bamboo plant.


It is essential that you not use any tap water. However, you can use rainwater if you can collect it. Freshwater is also acceptable to use.


Finally, make sure you are watering the soil, not the actual plant itself. Watering the plant can cause some diseases to come to the plant. One thing to note is to make sure that the plant’s roots don’t become waterlogged when watering, don’t use too many inches of water.


Can You Put a Bamboo Plant on a Glass Vase?

You can also plant the bamboo in water in a glass vase and not inside potting soil. Water bamboo is part of a system called hydroponics. The bamboo plant needs to have the water replace once every seven to ten days.


Are Coffee Grounds Good for Bamboo Plants?

Coffee grounds are not suitable for a bamboo plant. You can learn more about coffee grounds and bamboo plants in this article.


Where Should I Place the bamboo in my house?

Bamboo needs an area in the house where there is indirect light to thrive. An indirect light area usually means a place where there is half shade and half sunlight. Windowsills are an excellent option for the bamboo plant, but you must make sure that it has blinds on the windows.


However, if you wish to follow the old Feng Shui version of things, you will be putting lucky bamboo somewhere in the southeast of the house. The southeast area of the house represents good fortune and wealth., while the east part of the house represents good wealth.



In conclusion, bamboo plants are a popular houseplant due to the good fortune to the home. As long as you can take proper care of your bamboo plant, you might get good vibes your way. Come back to these tips in this post if you have any questions on the best way to take care of your bamboo plant!


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