How to Take Care of a Meyer Lemon Tree

How to Take Care of a Meyer Lemon Tree

A Meyer Lemon tree is famous in the culinary world for producing lemons sweeter than most commercially grown ones. This plant grows best in warm climates like Florida. Some growers theorize that the Meyer Lemon is a lemon and mandarin orange hybrid. Here is what you need to know about caring for a Meyer Lemon Tree!


Scientific Name

This fruit tree’s scientific name is Citrus meyeri.


Other Popular Names

  • Eureka Lemon Tree
  • Valley Lemon Tree


What Soil Works Best for a Meyer Lemon Tree?

What Soil Works Best for a Meyer Lemon Tree

You will need well-draining soil for your Meyer Lemon Tree. The ideal soil for the citrus plant will be loamy, sandy, and acidic. When planting your tree, use a potting mix for citrus trees.


One tip to produce slightly acidic levels of soil is to use coffee grounds. Be sure to use a soil testing kit because you don’t want to go over a 6.5 PH level, or it will be too acidic for this tree.


How Much Fertilizer to Use for a Valley Lemon Tree?

When your Valley Lemon Tree produces fruit, it will need more energy. So outside of fruit production, plan to fertilize bi-annually. Apply citrus fertilizer once a month during the production season, no more than three consecutive months. The high nitrogen levels in the citrus fertilizer will help feed your tree and encourage it to bear fruit.


How Much Sun Does a Meyer Lemon Tree Need?

how much sun does a meyer lemon tree need

A Meyer Lemon tree needs at least 12 hours of sun each day. If you cannot get up to 12 hours of sunlight, you should invest in a grow light to keep this indoors. A grow light can help give this tree the energy it needs to grow healthy and strong.


What Temperature Works Best for a Meyer Lemon Tree?

Considering how they thrive in Mediterranean-style climates, the Meyer Lemon Tree is particularly sensitive in colder weather. If the environment dips lower than 20 degrees Fahrenheit, your tree will not likely survive outside. The ideal temperature for your tree will be 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


Does The Meyer Lemon Tree Enjoy Humidity?

All Meyer Lemon Trees need at least 50% humidity to thrive. The tree needs a lot of moisture to keep fruiting and thriving. If you keep this tree indoors, you should consider placing it near a humidifier. A humidifier can create just the right of humidity around the tree that it needs.


How Often Should You Water a Meyer Lemon Tree?

how often should you water a meyer lemon tree

Monitor the soil for moisture and check if the top inch is dry before watering the tree. If the top inch or two of soil is dry, you can water it again. Overwatering will be hard for this plant since it requires a lot of water.


Too much water, however, can risk your plant for root rot or mold. If you’re growing your plant indoors, mist your plant leaves. Misting helps the plant collect moisture when there isn’t a lot of fresh air moving around.


What Size Does Meyer Lemon Tree Grow to Typically?

This plant can grow to 6-10 feet tall at full size. Dwarf size trees will usually be under six feet tall for their mature height.


What are the Most Common Bugs?

Pests like scales, mites, or aphids will try and eat your plant in the winter to early spring. Although adult plants can fight off infestations, do your best to pluck off bugs if the plant is younger manually.


To control infestations, trim off yellowing leaves, wilting stems and branches, and any parts affected by the infestation. Spraying the inflicted areas with a high-pressure hose can remove pests until you trim off affected areas.


What are the Most Common Diseases?

This plant is susceptible to viruses, fungal infections, bacterial diseases, and mold. If you have a crop of citrus fruit plants, disease from one plant can affect another. You can quickly tell that your tree is affected if it’s not growing healthy Meyer lemons. Foliage would be thinning out, and the lemon fruit is discolored or malformed.


Another common disease is root rot from overwatering. If you are keeping this plant outside, make sure that it is in an area getting at least 8 hours of sun during the day. If the tree is in your home, make sure you don’t leave it next to the humidifier for too long since that can stop the soil from thoroughly drying.


Can You Repot a Meyer Lemon Tree?

can you repot a meyer lemon tree

Getting a lemon tree from your garden into an indoor houseplant is pretty straightforward.


  1. Get a five-gallon pot with ample drainage holes at least 12-15 inches in height.
  2. Fill with potting soil made for citrus trees.
  3. Fluff the soil and part the roots.
  4. Carefully place the plant to where you can barely see the root crown.
  5. Pat down the soil and water the tree immediately. Pot-grown trees will need more water than outdoor trees.


Can You Propagate a Meyer Lemon Tree?

Compared to other citrus trees, the Meyer Lemon Tree is more manageable for most home gardeners to propagate.


  1. Take a cutting from the tree and ensure that it’s at least 3-6 inches long.
  2. Place the cutting in a high-quality potting soil mix and thoroughly water.
  3. Use a plastic bag to encompass the tree to hold in moisture until the plant develops new roots (typically two months).
  4. Once roots begin, remove the bag and care for the small tree by planting it in a new spot outdoors or bringing it inside your home and putting it into a pot with fresh soil.


How Long Does it Take to Grow Fruit?

A Eureka Lemon Tree takes about two to four years to produce fruit under normal conditions.


What USDA Zone Level Works Best?

A Eureka Lemon Tree grows best in a USDA Zone Level of 9 through 11.


Conclusion – How to Take Care of a Meyer Lemon Tree

In summary, taking care of a Meyer Lemon Tree can produce delicious fruit in the years to come. The tree does best in an area that receives at least eight hours of sun, and watering should occur when the top inch or two of soil is dry. Not only that, but you can propagate it, which means you can add this tree throughout your home and outdoor garden!


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