How to Take Care of a Philodendron Goeldii

How to Take Care of a Philodendron Goeldii

A Philodendron Goeldii is part of the Thaumatophyllum Spruceanum family. This tropical plant is low maintenance to handle, making it perfect for beginners looking to care for plants as a hobby. The size of the plant only will grow to a few feet tall, which is ideal if you don’t have much space in your home. Here is the complete guide to Philodendron Goeldii plant care!


Common Names

  • Finger Leaf
  • Tree Philodendron
  • Philodendron goeldii plant
  • Fun Bun Plant


What Soil Works Best for a Fun Bun Plant?

What Soil Works Best for a Fun Bun Plant

Well-draining soil with organic matter that consists of perlite and peat moss works best for a Fun Bun Plant. This plant also enjoys slightly acidic soil, so add some coffee grounds to it. Use a soil testing kit to get a reading before adding any coffee grounds to the soil, so you don’t accidentally give the soil too much acidity.


In addition to having well-draining soil, you want to ensure that the plant is in a container with drainage holes. Drainage holes allow extra water to flow through the bottom of the pot, which reduces the chance of root rot.


Can You use a Houseplant Fertilizer?

You can use fertilizer on this plant during the growing season. Look for a fertilizer with equal potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen parts. If this is your first-time providing fertilizer to this plant, consider only giving half the recommended amount to ease the plant into a boost of a nutrient-rich diet. Once the plant receives the fertilizer, you should water it to reduce burning from the sunlight.


How Much Sunlight Does a Philodendron Goeldii Need?

How Much Sunlight Does a Philodendron Goeldii Need

Bright indirect light works best for a Philodendron Goeldii. The plant tends to prefer lower light conditions over direct sunlight. Too much direct sunlight hitting this plant can scorch the leaves. If you place this plant near a west-facing window, consider putting up curtains or blinds to create a more indirect sunlight environment.


However, be careful about keeping this plant in complete shade. Full shade can cause this plant to wilt if it is not receiving enough sunlight. Common problems include the plant looking leggy as it reaches out to find additional light sources.


What Temperature Works Best for this Plant?

Finger Leaf plants do best in temperatures between 60 – 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit can start causing growth problems for the plant. One signal that the temperature is too low for the plant is when it starts having leaf drops.


If you leave this plant outside during the year, bring it in before frost appears on the ground. If you have this as an indoor plant, make sure you don’t leave it next to a cold window during the winter. The same goes with leaving this plant next to an air-conditioned unit during the summer. Keeping this plant in a consistently warm/hot environment is what the plant needs to grow and stay strong.


What Humidity Requirements Does a Philodendron Goeldii Need?

What Humidity Requirements Does a Philodendron Goeldii Need

A Philodendron Goeldii enjoys being in hot and humid climates. One tip is to place this tropical plant in a bathroom with a shower. Running a hot shower creates a humid environment, which the plant will enjoy.


Using a humidifier next to this plant can increase the humidity as well. You should only run the humidifier next to the plant for a bit because you don’t want the plant to develop root rot. Root rot is a common problem where the soil doesn’t dry out completely, which means the plant is in wet soil and can build fungus along with dead roots.


Finally, you can mist this plant a few times during the week to slightly increase the humidity. Also, if possible, group this plant with other tropical plants since that will make a micro humid environment for them. A bunch of plants next to each other raises the humidity level all around.


How Often Should You Water a Philodendron Goeldii?

You can water this plant one to two times a week during the growing season. If the top two inches of soil are dry, you can water the plant again. The key is to keep the soil moist, never soggy. If you have waterlogged soil, that can lead to root rot issues.


Overwatering is common if you keep the same summer watering schedule in the winter. You should only be watering this plant once a week at most during this time. Always check the topsoil to see if it is dry before watering it again.


One tip is to mist the plant more often if you are concerned about overwatering it. Misting helps create a bit more humidity around the plant and reduces the chance of giving the plant too much water.


What Size Does a Philodendron Goeldii Grow to Typically?

A Philodendron Goeldii grows 2-4 feet tall as an indoor plant.


Most Common Bugs

Mealybugs, aphids, and spider mites are common bugs that can harm this plant. To remove these bugs from the plant, you can use a wet cloth with neem oil and gently remove the bugs from the leaves. In addition to that, you can spray down the plant with water to remove any webs from the plant.


Most Common Diseases

Root rot is a routine problem with this plant. Root rot occurs from a combination of overwatering the plant, too much low light, and not allowing the excess water to flow out of the pot.


To fix root rot, you need to remove the plant from the container altogether and remove any dead roots. Next, you want to wipe down the roots entirely and place them back in fresh dry potting soil. Give the plant some water and put it in an area with bright indirect sunlight.


Can You Prune a Finger Leaf Plant?

The only time you should be pruning this plant is if there are yellow leaves. By snipping away the yellow leaves, you help the plant preserve its energy for the remainder of the healthy leaves.


Can You Propagate a Finger Leaf Plant?

Can You Propagate a Finger Leaf Plant

The best time for propagation is during the growing season for this plant. Here are the steps below to have successful propagation for this plant.


  1. Using clean sheaths, cut 4 inches off the plant below a node.
  2. Remove any leaves that are on the bottom of the cutting.
  3. Place the cutting into fresh potting soil.
  4. Put the plant in an area that receives indirect light.
  5. Give the plant some water.
  6. After a few weeks, the plant should be strong enough to pull without quickly coming out of the soil. When you are at this stage, you are good because the roots under the soil are now forming and latching onto the organic matter.


Can You Repot a Finger Leaf?

A Finger Leaf doesn’t need repotting that often. It is best only to repot the plant when necessary, like if the plant is too large for the current container. When repotting, which can be every two years, you should put the plant into a pot size two inches larger than the previous home. Otherwise, this houseplant doesn’t enjoy repotting, so don’t make this a yearly occurrence unless necessary.


Where Does the Philodendron Goeldii Originate from Initially?

This plant originates from the rainforests of French Guiana.


What USDA Hardiness Zone Works Best?

The USDA Hardiness Zone that works for this plant is 9-10.


Is it Toxic?

A Philodendron Goeldii plant is toxic if humans or pets eat it and can cause an upset stomach or vomiting.


Conclusion: How to Take Care of a Philodendron Goeldii

In summary, a Philodendron Goeldii is a gorgeous-looking plant that is easy to manage. The size of the plant won’t become too big, which is perfect if you don’t want it to take up too much space in your home or office. Also, another great benefit of this plant is that it is an air purifier, so you will want to add more of these plants around your home through propagation to breathe clean air!


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