Is Bong Water Good for Plants?

is bong water good for plants

Putting dirty bong water on your plants is a bad idea. The concept may seem crazy to some people, but others swear that it works on their plants. Bong water is essentially water with resin, mold, and bacteria, which will not help your plants grow. In fact, the bong water will stop plants from growing altogether.


So, what exactly is in bong water? What do plants need to survive and grow healthy and strong? Why is it that bong water is not suitable for plants? Can you add bong water to your compost pile for houseplant fertilizer?


So, is bong water good for plants or not? Here is the complete breakdown of using bong water for house plants.


What is Bong Water?

what is bong water

A bong is a device that people use to smoke cannabis. The device begins by putting clean water at the bottom of the structure and then placing dry plant material where you put the lighter. As the user lights up the dry material, they (the smoker) inhales the smoke from the water. That leftover water at the bottom of the bong is where the bong water sits.


Bongwater generally consists of dirty water, resin, bacteria, THC, CBD, and ash. As the old bong water sits for an extended period, it becomes stagnant water, which means excess bacteria grow at the bottom.


What Do Plants Need to Survive?

what do plants need to survive

A plant’s health depends on adequate sunlight, water, and soil. In addition, plants also need nutrients like phosphorus, carbon dioxide, oxygen, calcium, and potassium. Finally, plants need to be put into the proper temperature conditions to survive.


Why Do People Think Bong Water is Good for Houseplants?

People think that bong water is good for houseplants because it contains water. In addition, bong water has decomposing plant matter from when the filtration occurs on the dry leaves and water, so having that in the water would be suitable for plants. Finally, after a smoke session, you might think that bong water on plants is an excellent way to reduce waste that might go down the drain.


Why is Bong Water Not Good for Plants?

why is bong water not good for plants

While some may enjoy the smoking experience that bongs provide and think there is a good use for that excess water at the bottom of the device, plants won’t want it. The bacteria build-up in the water will be harmful to plants. Mold, resin, ash, and more are not elements that plants seek to grow healthy and robust.


One of the biggest problems that bong water has is resin, which will clog your soil if you dump that on your houseplant. Plant roots need to grow naturally in the ground to reach nutrients and water, and the resin can block that path. By blocking the way for roots, you will stop the growth of plants and ultimately have them wilt if they are unable to gather the nutrients they need.


If drinking bong water is a bad idea for people, it is bad for plants. Bottom line, the question “is bong water good for plants” comes out to a no.


Is Bong Water Good for Weed Plants?

Now that we know that bong water doesn’t help grow plants, you might wonder if you can use it on your weeds. The truth is that you are better off removing the weeds manually or using boiling water to kill the roots of the weed. However, if you wanted to experiment using bong water on weeds to see if it will remove them faster, it is worth a try. The bong water won’t help grow the weeds, but there are better alternatives to removing them than bong water.


What are some Alternatives to Bong Water for Plants?

What are some Alternatives to Bong Water for Plants

  • Distilled Water: Distilled water does not contain anything except water. That means that it does not contain any chlorine or other similar chemicals that you would find in tap water.
  • Rain Water: Rainwater is excellent for plants because it is free. However, some rainwater won’t be as clean as others, depending on where you live. If you are concerned about the rainwater in your area, consider leaving a bucket outside to collect the water and test it for toxins.
  • Bottled Water: Bottled water works well for plants because it is cleaner than tap water. Unlike tap water, bottled water doesn’t contain fluoride or chlorine, which can cause problems for plants. However, while bottled water is a good choice for plants, it can become costly.
  • Tap Water: First-time plant growers will use tap water directly on their plants because of its convenience. While tap water is good, the general rule is not to use ice cold tap water on your plants since that can cause shock. Consider letting the water sit out for a few hours before giving it to your plants to drink.
  • Rice Water: If you are cooking rice over the stove, consider using that water on plants. What might sound crazy at first really isn’t so. Rice water contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, all essential nutrients that plants need.


Can Bong Water Be Used in a Compost Pile for Plants?

While putting bong water directly on plants isn’t a great idea, you can add a bit of the mixture to a compost pile. Bong water has components and materials that can help decompose other items in your bin, like tea bags, banana peels, and eggshells. By adding some bong water to the compost pile, you can remove unnecessary waste that goes down the drain and instead put it to good use.


Conclusion: Is Bong Water Good for Plants?

In summary, using bong water on plants is not a great idea. Bong water contains harmful toxins that can cause severe issues to the plant if you dump the water directly on them. The toxins cause problems with plant growth, and they can also stop the roots from reaching nutrients due to the resin that bong water contains.


However, you can use bong water in your compost pile for houseplant fertilization. The water from the bong can help naturally decompose material like eggshells, coffee grounds, tea bags, and more, which speeds up when you can use that pile as fertilizer.


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