What Do Red Roses Mean?

What Do Red Roses Mean

Red roses symbolize passion, long-lasting love, loyalty, devotion, and the triumph of love over all obstacles. One of the most popular choices for wedding decorations or bridal bouquets, red roses are unanimously associated with romance and passion. According to Christian tradition, the red rose also symbolizes the long-suffering of the Virgin Mary.


What is the history behind the red rose? Do red roses symbolize Valentine’s Day? Do red roses grow naturally, and can you grow them yourself? When should you send someone red roses? What is the difference between a red rose and an orange rose? Finally, what is the difference between a red and a white rose?


Here is the complete guide to what red roses represent and symbolize.


A Brief History of Red Roses

A Brief History of Red Roses

There are two myths behind the creation of the red rose, both featuring the goddess of love. In the Greek version, Venus weeps over her wounded lover, and a red rose bush grows from the ground where her sweat and tears fall. Meanwhile, in the Roman version of the myth, Aphrodite runs to warn her lover, Adonis, of danger and scratches herself on a rose bush, her blood turning the white roses red.


In the 15th century, the Lancaster family wore the red rose as their symbol in the famous War of the Roses against the Yorks. Meanwhile, their opponent had a white rose as their symbol during battle.


In Victorian England, red roses were gifted to a lover as a symbol of love and devotion. Shakespeare popularized the romantic notions associated with red roses in his play Romeo and Juliet. Also, Shakespeare had red roses distinguish sides in the Henry VI plays.


Do Red Roses Symbolize Valentine’s Day?

Do Red Roses Symbolize Valentine's Day

Red roses do not symbolize Valentine’s Day, but they represent the feelings and ideas behind Valentine’s Day: romance and passion. The red rose has served as a popular motif for Valentine’s Day decorations because very few people would not associate the red rose with love. For this reason, giving red roses is the perfect way to express your love and passion for someone.


It is tradition to use red rose petals to decorate a couple’s bedroom for their wedding night. Because of the universal association with love, red roses have become one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts.


Also, red roses are a popular symbol in modern-day movies about love. For example, in Beauty and the Beast, the red flower is an important symbol for the Beast. The rose petals would fall off the red rose until the Beast could find true love, or he would stay in that form forever.


Do Red Roses Grow Naturally?

Do Red Roses Grow Naturally

Most wild roses are pink, but white and red roses grow naturally throughout Asia, North America, West Europe, and Northwest Africa. Red rose bushes grow naturally through pollination, their red pigmentation attracting bees and other pollinators.


Can You Grow Your Own Red Roses?

There are a variety of red roses you can grow on your own; each type of red rose requires special care and thrives during specific seasons. Most red roses thrive in USDA zones 3-10 and can be grown from seeds or hardwood cutting. You can also purchase a partially grown red rose bush online or from your local florist.


When Should You Send Someone a Red Rose?

When Should You Send Someone a Red Rose

Red roses are excellent gifts for a romantic partner or spouse. Because they symbolize long-lasting love and the conquering power of love, red roses are usually gifted for anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day, and other romantic occasions. Red roses can also be an excellent gift for your romantic partner’s birthday or for when you plan to propose.


While red roses are mostly gifted to romantic partners, you can pair red roses with yellow roses creating a friendly and joyful bouquet suitable for friends or family members. Red roses also pair beautifully with pink roses to create a more innocent and playful bouquet for your partner.


You can also give someone you are interested in a single red rose to express love at first sight.


What is the Difference Between a Red Rose and an Orange Rose?

What is the Difference Between a Red Rose and an Orange Rose

The difference between red and orange roses is in how they communicate different aspects of passion and how versatile they are. While red roses symbolize passion, long-lasting and loyal love, orange roses convey love’s energetic and joyful aspect. One may give their partner a bouquet of orange roses to convey that they are ready to take their relationship to the next level.


Orange roses are also more versatile than red roses. While red roses tend to go to one with whom you share a romantic connection, orange roses can go to a friend to cheer them up.


Orange roses do not grow naturally like red roses and therefore do not have as significant a history as the classic red rose. Orange roses are a rare and more unconventional gift than red roses.


What is the Difference Between a Red Rose and a White Rose?

What is the Difference Between a Red Rose and a White Rose

The main difference between red and white roses is their versatility. The neutral tone of white roses offers a variety of meanings and associations, making them the perfect gift for any occasion, joyful and solemn.


On the other hand, red roses are almost universally associated with romantic and passionate occasions, making them a more limited gift. Red roses are not usually gifted to a friend or family member.


Conclusion: What Does a Red Rose Mean?

In summary, red roses symbolize passion, romance, loyalty, devotion, and long-lasting love. Red roses are a classic gift for romantic partners on birthdays, Valentine’s Days, and Anniversaries. Often paired with white or pink roses, red roses are one of the most popular flowers used to decorate for weddings or engagements.


Like white and pink roses, red roses grow naturally through pollination and can be grown in USDA zones 3-10.


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