What Does a Bird of Paradise Flower Mean?

What Does a Bird of Paradise Flower Mean

The bird of paradise flower symbolizes paradise, excitement, faithfulness, love, and joy. In Hawaii, the bird of paradise is referred to as “Little Globe” and can mean magnificence. Native to South Africa and growing primarily in tropical environments, the bird of paradise blooms in early spring, spreading its delicate petals like the wings of a tropical bird, symbolizing the idea of freedom.


So, what is a brief history of the bird of paradise flower? What does the bird of paradise symbolize, and are they lucky? What is the spiritual meaning behind this flower? Finally, what does an orange, yellow, and white bird of paradise symbolize?


Here is the birds of paradise flower meaning.


A Brief History of the Bird of Paradise Flower

A Brief History of the Bird of Paradise Flower

The bird of paradise is also referred to by its scientific name Strelitzia reginae, named by Sir Joseph Banks in honor of Queen Charlotte, the Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. From 1773 to today, birds of paradise have been cultivated at the Royal Botanic Gardens in England.


In 1939, Georgia O’Keefe depicted the eye-catching flower in one of her famous paintings, White Bird of Paradise. Richard Walton Tully titled his most famous theatrical play, The Bird of Paradise, after this tropical flower; set in Hawaii, the play follows the princess Luana as she falls in love with a sailor and saves the people on her island.


Several varieties of the bird of paradise plants are listed as vulnerable due to the decrease in pollinating birds and people plucking the flower.


What Does the Bird of Paradise Flower Symbolize?

What Does the Bird of Paradise Flower Symbolize

The Bird of Paradise represents joy, love, faithfulness, freedom, and optimism. Also, this type of flower is the official flower to celebrate someone’s 9th anniversary. Gifting this gift to a loved one or spouse illustrates your optimism about the future for them.


In the past, birds of paradise used to be associated with royalty. You can give these flowers to someone you respect and value highly. A classic tropical flower, the bird of paradise symbolizes its namesake: paradise. These beautiful flowers garnish an outdoor garden well and evoke an ethereal vibe.


Along with paradise, birds of paradise represent immortality and are a great addition to a bouquet to celebrate a happy occasion.


Are Birds of Paradise Flowers Lucky?

Are Birds of Paradise Flowers Lucky

Birds of paradise are not lucky, but a yellow bird of paradise can symbolize new opportunities and good fortune. Planting these flowers in your garden or adding them to a bouquet can evoke eagerness for new experiences and openness to good luck.


Birds of paradise also represent having a positive perspective on life. While they do not specifically bring luck, birds of paradise inspire a way of looking at the world that elicits joy and fortune.


Also, when gifting them a 9th-anniversary gift, you are expressing good optimism for the couple, which means more than luck.


What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Bird of Paradise?

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Bird of Paradise

Birds of paradise represent heaven on earth, reminding admirers of the spiritual significance of living life on earth. Their long stem symbolizes spiritual ascension and enlightenment; the soft petals reaching out to create the image of a bird in flight signifies spiritual freedom.


The white bird of paradise represents the purity of achieving spiritual enlightenment and ascending beyond an imperfect world.


What Does an Orange Bird of Paradise Mean?

The orange bird of paradise represents healing and strength. In Hindu Tantrism, the Sacral Chakra is represented by the color orange, evoking feelings of creativity and procreation. Overall, the orange bird of paradise represents health and wellness, their bright orange petals evoking feelings of vitality and life.


What Does a Yellow Bird of Paradise Mean?

Yellow is most commonly associated with happiness, energy, and hopefulness and the yellow bird of paradise is no different. You can add yellow birds of paradise to your garden or bouquet to welcome a positive outlook on life and open your mind to new opportunities.


Many floral arrangements include yellow birds of paradise to evoke joy, energy, and appreciation.


What Does a White Bird of Paradise Mean?

White birds of paradise flowers represent purity, spiritual enlightenment, and heaven or Nirvana. Georgia O’keefe was particularly fond of the white bird of paradise, showcasing the solemn white petals in a famous painting.


The white bird of paradise is an excellent addition to your garden or bouquet, as it pairs well with any color and creates a peaceful aura conducive to contemplation and rest. White birds of paradise are an excellent choice for bridal bouquets, birthdays, and celebratory occasions. You can also give white birds of paradise to loved ones suffering from loss to communicate your condolences.


Conclusion: Bird of Paradise Flower Meaning

In summary, the bird of paradise flower symbolizes paradise, eternity, joy, and freedom. The bird of paradise is also the official flower for the 9th anniversary and represents royalty.


The bird of paradise has been depicted in literature and art, its majestic beauty inspiring a sense of ethereal wonder and enlightenment. Native to South Africa, the bird of paradise has also been grown in the Royal Gardens since the 18th century.


Birds of paradise bear a spiritual significance as they represent heaven on earth and spiritual enlightenment. Though they are not lucky in themselves, these exotic flowers also inspire a sense of optimism and openness to new opportunities. The bird of paradise can symbolize various ideas depending on the color: orange represents life and healing, yellow represents optimism, and white represents spiritual purity.


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