What Does a Black Rose Mean?

What Does a Black Rose Mean

Black roses have a feeling of mystery, rich history, sadness, and a sense of curiosity when people see them. The black color look of the rose is more of a dark shade of purple, maroon, or red, but the color is intense, which makes it look black. The language of flowers, especially black roses, has numerous meanings, which is why it is so popular to give to someone or have in your garden.


So, what is the history of black roses, and how do they fit in with pop culture? Can you grow your own black roses in your garden, or can you turn a white rose into black with food coloring? When should you give a black rose to someone, and what is the primary difference in meaning between a black and a red rose?


Here is the complete breakdown of what a black rose symbolizes and means.


A Brief History of Black Roses – Black Rose Meaning

A Brief History of Black Roses

Back in Ancient Greece and Rome, black flowers had a powerful message of strength for the warriors on the battlefield. During the Victorian Era, people communicated with black roses to send secret messages to each other, especially about desired love. Finally, as time passed, black roses began symbolizing resistance against anarchists, organizations, and more, which added to a darker meaning.


Today, dark roses are more popular with black magic, Halloween, black-tie parties, anti-hero love, and tragic love. For example, in pop culture, black roses were featured in the TV series, Revenge. In the popular video game, Fable, a black rose was part of the storyline, adding to the game’s mystery.


As you can see from history, black roses can have numerous meanings to people. The meaning of black roses can represent strength, the passing of a loved one, black magic, and resistance to an organization. What makes the black rose’s history so interesting is that two or more people can interpret the flower differently.


Can You Grow Your Own Black Rose Flowers?

Can You Grow Your Own Black Rose Flowers

One of the ways that florists and other plant owners create black roses is by using dye. A popular way to make that black flower look is to use a white rose and put it into a jar with black dye or spray it. The black dye will instantly change the white flower black, which is the look you are trying to achieve.


If you want to grow your own black roses in your garden, you have a few options, as long as you are ok with them not being strictly black. The midnight blue rose flower offers a dark black and purple look, which can give you the black rose you are trying to achieve. Similarly, you can grow Dark Jade flowers, which turn darker as the weather gets warmer.


When Should You Send Someone a Black Rose?

When Should You Send Someone a Black Rose

When giving someone a black rose, you should do so in anticipating how they will perceive its meaning. For example, if you have a friend who is into the gothic culture, a black rose can be seen as more of a lovely gift that fits their style. The gothic occasion can be something like the start of Halloween, a wedding, best wishes in their life’s journey, and more.


Another example of when it might be a good idea to give someone a black rose is to communicate the melancholy emotions of a passing of a loved one. The black rose helps symbolize the death of a loved one and the beauty of new beginnings for that person in their next chapter in life. Since a black rose is both sad and beautiful, the symbolism can bring a powerful message. Carrying a black rose to a funeral can also be a good idea, especially if the event is a black-tie funeral where you don’t want any other color to throw off the vibe.


Finally, another reason to give someone a black rose is through a game or a black-tie event you attend. For example, going to a black-tie event and gifting your partner a black rose helps go with the party’s theme. The dark rose won’t stand out like a yellow or orange rose, so giving someone this at this event is tasteful.


What is the Difference Between a Black Rose and a Red Rose?

What is the Difference Between a Black Rose and a Red Rose

The primary difference between a black rose and a red rose meaning is how they symbolize love. Red roses represent passionate love between people and are more closely related to events like Valentine’s Day, where you want to express your love through symbolism outwardly. With red roses, there isn’t much of a mystery behind the meaning unless you want to keep your name anonymous when gifting it to someone.


Meanwhile, a black rose is complex and has numerous meanings. Some meanings include strength, eternal love that trumps death, the somberness of a loved one no longer around, and new beginnings. A black rose, at times, is best given to someone when you know how they will absorb the meaning. The black flower’s meaning to them might differ entirely from another person’s.


Essentially, a red rose’s meaning doesn’t leave much to interpretation, while a black rose does.


Conclusion: What Does a Black Rose Mean – Black Rose Meaning?

In summary, a black rose is more of an intense color of purple, maroon, or red rose that looks black. Florists and home gardeners can create black roses using food coloring with a white rose or grow similar-looking flowers in their gardens. While no actual back rose can develop from a garden, you can get pretty close with similar-looking flowers.


The meaning of black roses is complex, which only adds to its desire for people to give them as a gift. Black roses can symbolize the loss of a loved one, inner strength, new beginnings, gothic interest, dark magic, and more. Gifting a black rose to someone should be done when you are sure they will understand the message, which dates back to the Victorian Era when people would send these flowers to each other as a way to communicate in secret.


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