What Does a Blue Rose Mean?

What Does a Blue Rose Mean

A blue rose symbolizes rarity, uniqueness, and unattainable love. Blue roses also have a sense of mystery, love, and secrecy, adding to their popularity giving as a gift. Also, there are other different meanings of blue roses, but it is fair to look at the blue rose color meaning as uncommon and, therefore, memorable when giving it to someone.


So, what does a blue rose mean in love? Do blue roses grow naturally in a garden or a florist’s shop? Can you make your blue roses from white roses using food coloring? What events work best to gift someone a blue rose, and what do the other rose colors mean?


Here is the complete breakdown of the blue rose meaning and what it symbolizes.


What Does a Blue Rose Mean in Love?

What Does a Blue Rose Mean in Love

A blue rose presents true love that is unattainable and has a sense of mystery. Unlike red roses, which represent deep romantic love between two individuals, blue leaves a bit of longing. The best way to look at blue roses is as an “I love you message” with unrequited love potentially there.


However, outside of unattainable love, blue roses are acceptable to give to a loved one as a gift. Blue roses stand out and are memorable, which work well to give to loved ones as an unforgettable present.


Do Blue Roses Grow Naturally?

Blue roses don’t grow naturally since they lack the pigmentation to produce that color. Instead, a genetic modification that contains the blue delphinidin helps create the blue color in roses. Check out this article that explains the genetic engineering process in 2004 that took place to make blue roses from white roses.


Can You Create Your Own Blue Roses?

Can You Create Your Own Blue Roses

The process is relatively easy if you want to create your bouquet of blue roses from white roses. Here are the steps to take to make these blue flowers.


  1. Set up two jars (or containers), one with water and the second with blue dye. The one with water should be set to room temperature.
  2. Stick the white roses into the blue dye. Consider lightly moving the flower around the blue dye to get it covered completely. If you want to have light blue-looking flowers, you only need to dip the flowers in the blue dye for a few seconds. You should put them into the blue dye for a minute or two to achieve a deeper blue color.
  3. Shake off any excess blue dye from the flower and then put that into the water bucket white the flower end first to remove any extra blue.
  4. Set aside the new blue rose flowers in an area to dry.


As a suggestion, you can keep some of the white roses to create a beautiful blue and white bouquet gift for someone.


How Rare are Blue Roses?

Blue roses are rare because they require genetic modification or food coloring. With that being the case, blue roses are a great gift to give someone since they are unique and stand out from other flowers that someone might have.


What Events Work Best for Blue Roses?

What Events Work Best for Blue Roses

Since a blue rose signifies secret love, you could gift them to your secret admirer. The blue rose petals will stand out from other flowers, especially the generic-looking red roses that most people get. The idea behind giving someone a light blue rose / dark blue rose is to express your innermost feelings to a loved one, and their look will create a lasting impression, which is your secret love.


Blue roses also work great as a gift for birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and for welcoming a new child. A flower arrangement with blue roses will undoubtedly stand out from the rest of the gifts a person will receive since they are rare to see. Gifting blue roses to someone, especially a loved one, might be the perfect gift for them due to their elegant look.


Finally, another event that works well for these beautiful flowers is for good luck and new beginnings. Since blue flowers have an air of mystery, it is the perfect gift to give a loved one as they enter uncharted waters. For example, gifting these flowers to someone starting a business will be ideal since they stand out, which symbolizes what they are doing in their life.


What about the other Rose Colors?

What about the other Rose Colors

While a blue rose symbolizes love with some mystery, other roses have different meanings. Here is a brief breakdown of the different colors of rose flowers.


  • Yellow Roses: A yellow rose represents friendship and love. The best way to look at yellow roses is that they should bring someone cheer and joy when they look at the flowers.
  • Pink Roses: A pink rose symbolizes gratitude and respect.
  • Orange Roses: An orange rose symbolizes love and romance, but the passion behind that is not as strong as a red rose. Since combining yellow and red creates orange, it is best to think of orange roses as an in-between of these two types of flowers.
  • Red Roses: A red rose represents love and passion between people. The most obvious time to think of red roses is during valentine’s day to help express your true love for someone.
  • Black Roses: A black rose has numerous meanings, but one of them is mourning for someone. Generally, you will see black roses that are part of funerals and other mourning situations.


Conclusion: What Does a Blue Rose Mean – Blue Rose Meaning?

In summary, a blue rose represents rarity, uniqueness, and unattainable love when giving it as a gift to someone. Since blue roses are rare, gifting them to someone helps them stand out from other flowers. Also, the first sight of a blue rose tends to capture the attention of someone, which works great as a gift to express your secret love for them.


Beyond love, blue roses also work great to give as a gift to others. Some events that work well to gift blue flowers include birthdays, Father’s and Mother’s Day, and a family welcoming a new child. Since the blue flowers are so striking, they help give a lasting memory for the person receiving them as a gift.


Finally, it is worth noting that blue roses don’t grow naturally. Instead, genetic modifications are necessary to grow these blue flowers in a garden. If you don’t have the means to buy these blue flowers, you can also dye white rose petals blue. The steps are relatively simple, meaning you can gift multiple blue flowers using water and some food coloring.


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