What Does a Clematis Flower Mean?

What Does a Clematis Flower Mean

The clematis flower symbolizes wisdom, mental acuity, safe travels, and social ambition. The clematis has also historically been associated with the devil, sometimes called the “Devil’s Darning Needle.” It clings to fences and buildings as a climbing plant, reaching higher and consuming other plants. For this reason, clematis has both optimistic and pessimistic views, which makes it unique in its meaning.


So, what is the brief history of this flower, and what does it symbolize? Are there any spiritual meanings for this plant? What does a clematis flower attract? What is the difference in the symbolism of a blue, white, purple, pink, and orange clematis flower? Finally, what are some general facts about this type of flower?


Here is the complete breakdown of the clematis flower meaning.


A Brief History of the Clematis Flower

A Brief History of the Clematis Flower

The clematis requires partial shade or full sun and well-drained soil to thrive. They also prefer colder climates surviving in USDA zones 4-9 and hardiness zones as low as 2. The clematis blooms in early summer, and it is best to transplant them in early spring. They get their name from the Greek word “Klema,” which roughly translates as “Climbing Vine.”


The clematis plant is native to Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America but primarily grows in Japan and China. Plant collectors brought the clematis flower to Europe starting in the 16th century. The first cultivar to arrive in England was the variety C. viticella, brought from Spain in 1569. From there, different types of clematis flowers migrated and thrived throughout the world.


In Victorian England, the clematis was a trendy flower symbolizing cleverness, given as a symbol of one’s appreciation for someone’s intellect.


Clematis Flower Symbolism

Clematis Flower Symbolism

Due to the clematis’ ability to climb and grow over walls and trellises, these flowers symbolize ambition, elevated social rank, and intellectualism. In climbing walls and trellises, the clematis ruthlessly overtakes other plants, twisting over its path in a snake-like manner. For this reason, clematis is negatively associated with the devil and is sometimes referred to as the “Devil’s Darning Needle.” The clematis also symbolizes mischief and deception.


The clematis in Russia and Eastern Europe has historically been a sign of travelers’ luck because this resilient flower can quickly grow in any direction. Thus the clematis earned its nickname, “Travelers’ Joy.” The clematis is the perfect gift for a friend moving away or taking a trip.


As the clematis grows, their beautiful tendrils eventually hang down from their perch, creating a beard-like image earning them the nickname “Old Man’s Beard.” The image evokes a spirit of wisdom and intellect. You can give someone a clematis as a graduation gift celebrating their intellectual accomplishment. Clematis flowers are also an excellent choice to grow on pergolas, as their flowering vines garnish any area well.


What Does Clematis Attract?

Clematis attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Varieties of clematis offer different fragrances and petal shapes that attract many other insects and animals.


Aphids and mites are attracted to the clematis, and both leave behind telltale signs after feeding. Clematis leaves will appear much lighter in color after mites have been feeding on them. Aphids leave behind honeydew, a sugary substance that attracts ants and wasps and encourages dark mold growth.


What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Clematis?

The resilient and winding path of the clematis vines symbolizes how one can explore their spirituality, embracing many paths to spiritual understanding and God.


The clematis is also associated with various spirit animals like snakes and stags. Clematis can wind and twist around natural barriers like a snake. The stretch of clematis’ vines also slightly resembles the antlers of a stag, representing wisdom.


What Does a Blue Clematis Mean?

What Does a Blue Clematis Mean

Blue Clematis flowers represent loyalty, trust, and wisdom. You can give a friend or loved one blue clematis to symbolize your appreciation for their friendship.


Light blue and turquoise are associated with the 5th chakra, representing your ability to communicate truth. Light blue and turquoise clematis can symbolize your power to express the truth and embrace faith in your life.


Dark blue represents the 6th chakra that rules over the mind. Dark blue clematis represents intellectual prowess, wisdom, and expanding your understanding of the world.


What Does a White Clematis Mean?

White is almost universally associated with purity, innocence, angels, and spirituality. It is also the color associated with the 7th chakra, which rules over your spiritual consciousness.


White clematis represents spiritual resilience and the ability to ascend toward greater spiritual consciousness and connection with the divine.


What Does a Purple Clematis Mean?

What Does a Purple Clematis Mean

Purple clematis symbolizes living an elevated lifestyle and reaching for your dreams, just as clematis vines reach and grow far above themselves. Purple is the color of royalty, evoking a spirit of elegance. A combination of red and blue, purple is representative of balance and harmony.


Like white, purple is also the color that represents the 7th chakra which represents your spiritual consciousness. Similar to white clematis, purple clematis can symbolize spiritual growth and connection to the divine.


What Does a Pink Clematis Mean?

Pink clematis symbolizes the growth of innocent love and appreciation. More passionate than red, pink clematis is the perfect gift for family members and partners. Pink clematis can also communicate your appreciation for a long-term friendship.


What Does an Orange Clematis Mean?

What Does an Orange Clematis Mean

A more playful color, orange clematis symbolizes health and vitality and serves as an excellent get-well gift.


Orange is the color that represents the 2nd chakra that rules over your sexuality and creativity. Orange clematis can also be an excellent gift for an anniversary or date when you want to communicate a more playful passion for someone.


What are Some Facts about the Clematis Flower?

  • It is part of the Ranunculaceae family.
  • Nicknames of this flower include “Pepper Vine,” “climbing queen,” “Virgin’s Bower,” and “Travelers’ Joy.”
  • There are over 300 species of Clematis flowers, according to Plant Addicts
  • This type of flower has different meanings to people. It is either seen as positive or negative, which makes it unique.


Conclusion: What Does a Clematis Flower Mean?

The clematis flower symbolizes positive and negative ideas, such as wisdom, mental acuity, ambition, the devil, and deception. Clematis flowers have earned various nicknames throughout history in different parts of the world. In Russia and Eastern Europe, clematis is known as “Traveler’s Joy,” while in Western Europe, they are known as “Climbing Queen” or “Devil’s Darning Needle.”


Clematis also represents spiritual ideas such as spiritual ascension and connection with the divine. Clematis can symbolize various ideas depending on the flower color, ranging from faithful friendship to health and vitality.


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