What Does a Cosmos Flower Mean?

What Does a Cosmos Flower Mean

Cosmos flowers symbolize tranquility, modesty, love, and beauty. They also represent harmony and order; however, the cosmos flower has different meanings for various cultures and religions. The cosmos blooms’ symmetrical and orderly petals resemble the orderly arrangement of the stars in the galaxy, hence the name cosmos.


So, what is a brief history recap of the cosmos flower? What does the cosmos flower symbolize? What do cosmos flowers attract? Is the cosmos an October birth flower? Why is the cosmos flower called the cosmos? Finally, what do the different color cosmos represent?


Here is the complete breakdown to the Cosmos flower meaning.


A Brief History of the Cosmos Flower

A Brief History of the Cosmos Flower

Members of the aster family, cosmos flowers are native to Mexico as well as the South-Western region of the United States. In the late 16th century, Spanish explorers discovered cosmos flowers in Mexico. The Spanish explorers immediately admired the flowers for their beautifully symmetrical petals and vibrant colors.


In the late 18th century, explorers saved cosmos seeds and introduced them to Britain; however, the frost killed the flowers before they were able to bloom, and it took breeding programs to make the cosmos flourish in Britain. As they began flourishing in Europe, they became known as “Peasant’s Flowers,” as they would grow well in the poor soils surrounding peasant cottages.


Cosmos flowers have also been historically known to hold medicinal properties. They have been used as an anti-inflammatory and are believed to help with various skin problems. These flowers have also been used to create different color dyes.


What Does a Cosmos Flower Symbolize?

What Does a Cosmos Flower Symbolize

In Mexico, the cosmos flowers serve as a symbol for spirits and gods. In Japan, the cosmos flowers are considered a symbol of purity and innocence. They are often gifts to young girls about to enter womanhood. In Chinese culture, the cosmos flowers symbolize love and beauty. These flowers are often gifted to express feelings of love, innocence, and purity.


According to Christian tradition, the cosmos flower represents rebirth and God’s love for all creation. In the Buddhist tradition, cosmos flowers are used during meditation to evoke feelings of enlightenment and to symbolize the path toward spiritual clarity.


According to Islamic tradition, the cosmos flower is associated with the birth of the prophet Mohammed and the idea of paradise.


What Do Cosmos Flowers Attract

Cosmos flowers attract various creatures, including butterflies and hummingbirds. Cosmos flowers are the perfect addition to any butterfly garden. As well as butterflies and hummingbirds, cosmos flowers attract other pollinators like bees.


Other insects, such as aphids, leafhoppers, and Lygus bugs, are drawn to the cosmos. Aphids also leave behind a sticky residue that attracts ants.


Is the Cosmos an October Birth Flower?

Is the Cosmos an October Birth Flower

Both marigolds and cosmos serve as the birth flowers of October. Cosmos flowers thrive in summer and fall and display a variety of colors. Orange cosmos are a popular flower to use in a bouquet for fall decorations or as a gift for a friend or family member born in October.


Why is the Cosmos Flower Called Cosmos?

The name “cosmos” comes from the Greek word “kosmos,” which translates as “ordered universe” or “harmony.” According to some sources, Spanish priests planted cosmos flowers in their gardens and named them “cosmos” for their orderly and symmetrical petals. Though the cosmos flowers bear a Greek name, they do not appear in Greek myths.


What Do Pink Cosmos Mean?

Pink is often associated with femininity, innocence, and first love. The beautifully symmetrical petals of the cosmos with a delicate pink hue evoke feelings of softness and tenderness. Darker, brighter shades of pink can also bear different meanings. Fuschia cosmos can evoke a more playful and energetic feminine vibe, while deeper shades of pink evoke more romantic feelings.


Pink cosmos flowers are the perfect flowers to pair with white roses to give to a partner for a birthday or Valentine’s Day. Pink cosmos also pair well with daisies and are the perfect gift for a mother on her birthday or for Mother’s Day.


What Do Red Cosmos Mean?

Red cosmos flowers symbolize romantic love, passion, and power. Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and weddings are the perfect occasions to decorate with red cosmos. Red cosmos can communicate the destiny and passion of love by evoking contemplation of the stars and symbolizing passion.


You can give a partner a beautiful bouquet of red cosmos, symbolizing love and passion.


What Do Yellow Cosmos Mean?

What Do Yellow Cosmos Mean

The Yellow cosmos symbolizes hope, new beginnings, and joy. Both softer and brighter hues of yellow cosmos flowers easily brighten up a garden or room. Yellow is a natural cosmos color and is easy to grow on your own in a garden.


You can give yellow cosmos to a friend or family member to celebrate a birthday, graduation, or other happy occasions. You can also give yellow cosmos as a get-well gesture. Finally, you can pair yellow with white cosmos flowers to communicate your joy and appreciation for someone.


What Do Chocolate Cosmos Mean?

The chocolate cosmos symbolizes a deep and passionate love even more intense than the red cosmos. If you want to communicate your desire for a partner, you can send them a beautiful bouquet of chocolate cosmos. These beautiful flowers are an excellent choice to give to a spouse for wedding anniversaries or dates.


The chocolate cosmos, also known by its scientific name, Cosmos astrosanguineus, is a unique species with dark brown leaves that smell like chocolate, hence the name.


This cosmos species is considered extinct and will not naturally grow in the wild; however, these flowers are still grown through the efforts of cultivars.


Conclusion: What Do Cosmos Flowers Mean?

Cosmo flowers symbolize harmony, balance, and love. Various cosmos flower colors can mean different things, from femininity to deep passionate love. They are the perfect flower to give to loved ones and communicate appreciation for your connection.


Cosmos plants are native to Mexico and the South West region of the United States, discovered by Spanish explorers in the 17th century and eventually brought to Europe. While named after the Greek word “kosmos,” the cosmos flowers do not appear in Greek mythology.


The cosmos is the official birth flower for October and a popular gift for fall decorations and those with birthdays in October.


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