What Does a Dozen Roses Mean?

What Does a Dozen Roses Mean

Most of us think of a dozen red roses during Valentine’s Day as a symbol of love for someone else. However, while a dozen red roses tend to be the most popular gift to get someone, you can also get them a dozen roses in different colors for other occasions. Every shade of a rose has its own meaning, and the number twelve plays an important role in the symbol of those flowers. For example, a dozen white roses mean “I’m thinking of a loved one,” while a dozen yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy.


So, what is the history of sending someone a dozen roses, and how many are in a dozen? Is there any significance to getting someone more than one dozen roses? What are some other types of rose colors, and when should you give them those different shades of colors?


Here is the complete breakdown of what a dozen roses represent.


What is the History of a Dozen Roses?

What is the History of a Dozen Roses

Throughout history, people have used flowers to deliver secret messages that express a multitude of expressions to loved ones, especially during the Victorian Era. Since open communication about the feelings towards a secret admirer was frowned upon, utilizing the language of flowers was a way to send messages to someone with a bit of mystery and hidden meaning. Since flowers are pretty, smell nice, and are lovely to look at, the symbolism of sending flowers to others grew in popularity as the years passed via expressing emotions.


The number twelve comes into play due to the significance of what that number represents in many cultures. For example, according to Straight Forward Guidance, the number 12 represents angels and the love and light they bring to people’s lives. Other cultures see the number 12 as good luck, a sign of respect and love for someone else. Finally, different cultures see 12 as crucial since there are 12 months a year and 12 numbers on a clock.


Today, sending someone a dozen red roses to someone continues that tradition, and the meaning of roses tends to be the same. In the present day, a single red rose, popular in shows like The Bachelor, symbolizes love at first sight. Meanwhile, twelve red roses represent a “be mine” message for your partner. As the numbers increase from one to twelve, so does the message, like three meaning “I love you” and nine representing eternal love. Check out this guide from Pop Sugar to get the complete breakdown of what each rose means from one to fifty.


How Many Roses are in a Dozen / Two Dozen?

How Many Roses are in a Dozen Two Dozen

The number of roses in a dozen, or a bouquet, is twelve. If you were to get someone two dozen roses, that would have twenty-four. Traditionally, twelve roses, according to Pop Sugar, means be mine, while twenty-four means “I’m Yours” forever.


If you are curious, three dozen roses symbolize you are head over heels for someone.


What Does a Dozen White Roses Mean?

What Does a Dozen White Roses Mean

White roses symbolize that you are thinking of somebody. Sending over white roses to someone is traditionally done to let them know that you are thinking of them during a particularly challenging time. Since Angel Number 12 represents new beginnings and forward progress for someone, the 12 white roses have two different yet powerful meanings. The number 12 is for angels, and the white color lets them know you are thinking of them, even if they feel alone.


What Does a Dozen Yellow Roses Mean?

What Does a Dozen Yellow Roses Mean

Yellow roses symbolize the beginning of spring with feelings of joy and cheerfulness. Yellow roses differ from red roses, where yellow represents mutual friendship instead of passionate love for someone. Since the number 12 represents love and respect and pairing that with yellow roses, you are illustrating to your friend how important your friendship is to them.


What Does a Dozen Black Roses Mean?

What Does a Dozen Black Roses Mean

Black roses have numerous meanings, ranging from death, tragedy, and mourning. The number 12 has many implications, but one symbolizes the Angel Number 12, which is essential during the death of a loved one. If you give someone grieving 12 black roses, you acknowledge the struggle they are going through and illustrate how angels will be taking over at this time, bringing comfort to someone.


However, black roses can have some sinister meanings, so it is best to gift them when you know how someone will interpret the message.


What Does a Dozen Green Roses Mean?

What Does a Dozen Green Roses Mean

Green roses represent new beginnings for someone in many different ways. Green also has a sense of rebirth and new adventures, so gifting twelve green roses symbolizes how you love and support them in their new life’s path year-round. A good time to give these green roses to someone is if they are starting a new job, moving to a different part of a country, or starting a new chapter in life.


What Does a Dozen Pink Roses Mean?

What Does a Dozen Pink Roses Mean

A dozen pink roses mean appreciation for someone and a thank you sign. Pink roses are also more traditional to “early love,” which could mean a new relationship, the infatuation of someone you are starting to date, and more. Since the number 12 has numerous meanings, and one of them symbolizes how there are 12 months a year, your symbol of a dozen pink roses illustrates how you always want to be with them year-round.


What Does a Dozen Blue Roses Mean?

What Does a Dozen Blue Roses Mean

Blue roses have a sense of mystery and desirability that someone has for another. Sending someone 12 of these blue roses represents how you think about them around the clock (since there are 12 hours on a watch), along with the unattainable love you have for them. If you want to be romantic and send your secret admirer a gift, consider 12 blue roses, as that will leave multiple hidden messages for them.


Conclusion: What Does a Dozen Roses Mean?

In summary, a dozen roses have numerous messages for the recipient. Cultures see the number 12 as something positive along with the message of angels, which is why it goes hand to hand with roses. Traditionally, a bouquet of red roses symbolizes “be mine,” whereas a single rose would represent love at first sight. Each rose of the dozen has its unique message, which is why people buy 12 of them to give to their partner to express their feelings through the language of flowers.


Outside of getting someone twelve red roses, there are other colors you can give that have different messages. For instance, you can give twelve pink, blue, white, green, or black roses to someone, which all have a powerful message behind them.


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