What Does a Peach Rose Mean?

what does a peach rose mean

Peach roses represent kind gestures, gratitude, new beginnings, and friendship. The creative experts at Adobe say the color peach is sweet and pleasant in its lighter shades, and its darker shades showcase vitality, energy, and a sense of playfulness.


So, what do peach roses mean? Do they convey gratitude? Do you grow your own? What is the meaning of peach roses? When should you send someone a peach rose? What is the difference between a peach rose and a yellow or red rose?


Get ready to understand the meaning of peach roses and what they symbolize. Keep reading to have all of these questions answered so you can become a peach rose aficionado.


A Brief History of Peach Roses – Meaning of Peach Roses

A Brief History of Peach Roses

Peach roses are unique flowers that come from a rich history. Peach is a neutral color derived from orange, yellow, and white shades. It’s named after the skin of the peach fruit and has origins in nature and comfort. Similarly, the peach rose blends orange, yellow, and white roses.


Like many shades of pink or lavender roses, peach roses are often hybrid tea roses dating back to 1897. Jean-Baptiste Andre Guillot found the first in France, naming it “La France.” The bloom resulted from an unintentional seedling but soon opened the world to the large variety of unique multi-colored roses we see today.


Hybrid tea roses are the most popular group, and their long stems make them beautiful flowers for a vase. The peach rose, and other well-loved colors symbolize a meaningful message when given as a gift or used as decoration. The peach rose is among today’s most extravagant gardens and bouquets.


Do Peach Roses Mean Gratitude?

Do Peach Roses Mean Gratitude

There are many ideas about what peach-colored roses represent, but they all link to warm feelings of friendship, connection, rejuvenation, thoughtfulness, and gratitude. Glam Fleur shares that the color peach mirrors youthful, innocent, and feminine energy.


Peach roses symbolize appreciation, modesty, sincerity, affection, and sympathy. The beautiful blooms of the peach rose can come together with the best flowers to say thank you; orchids, tulips, daisies, lilies, and hydrangeas. Pairing these stems into a bouquet will show anyone you’re grateful to have them in your life.


Do Peach Roses Grow Naturally?

Do Peach Roses Grow Naturally

Peach roses grow naturally and come in several blooms. The only roses that do not grow naturally are black and blue. Hybrid tea roses cross between mixed perpetual and old-fashioned tea roses. They have lovely disease resistance and excellent repeat blooms.


Here are some familiar names for different colors of peach roses that grow naturally:


  • Apricots and Cream: A beautiful pale apricot and cream rose with a light sweet fragrance
  • Carding Mill: An English rose with a myrrh fragrance and medium green foliage
  • Heaven and Earth: A soft pink and peach color with a moderate spicy fragrance
  • Paul Bocuse: A silky salmon color with a mild fruit fragrance, named after a prominent french chef
  • Polka: A range of apricot and peach shades with leathery, light green foliage and a pungent spice and pepper fragrance
  • Princess Charlene de Monaco: Ruffled petals in a shell pink color with dark green foliage and a sweet, fruity fragrance
  • Sunset Celebration: A blend of amber and rich peach colors with a moderate fruity aroma and clean green foliage
  • Tamora: An apricot bloom with a strong myrrh fragrance and medium green foliage


Can You Grow Your Own Peach Roses?

In addition to picking up peach roses from a florist, you can grow many variations at home. They increase and repeat blooms throughout the growing season, which falls between early spring and fall. Peach roses grow between three-to-eight feet tall within four years.


Here’s a detailed view of growing your peach roses:


  • Light: Best in full sun but tolerate light shade
  • Soil: Acidic soil (6.0-6.5pH) rich in organic matter
  • Mulch: A three-to-four-inch layer helps cool roots and conserve water
  • Water: One-to-two inches per week when soil is dry, which varies by climate
  • Temperature and humidity: Best in humidity with an ideal temperature of 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Fertilizer: Weekly applications in early spring before new growths, adding magnesium sulfate or Epsom salt to bring out more intense colors of roses


When Should You Send Someone a Peach Rose?

When Should You Send Someone a Peach Rose

Now that you know the sentiment the peach rose holds, you can see how it makes a perfect gift. Peach-colored roses are an excellent gesture for showing appreciation to a loved one, close friend, or family member.


The warm yet subtle color can also help you show support or sympathy in more challenging times. You can send a dozen peach and ivory roses to bring a special symbolism to the thoughtful gesture. Here are a few occasions you might consider giving a peach rose for:


  • Mother’s Day
  • Birthdays
  • Baby shower flower arrangements
  • Thanksgiving centerpieces
  • Housewarming flower arrangements
  • Supporting recovery or sickness
  • Graduation
  • Hostess appreciation
  • Wedding flowers
  • Bridal bouquet


What is the Difference Between a Peach Rose and Yellow Rose?

What is the Difference Between a Peach Rose and Yellow Rose

Peach and yellow roses have different meanings. Peach roses are more likely to symbolize sentimental gestures, while yellow roses have a more upbeat and flashy meaning.


MasterClass shares color psychology related to yellow, symbolizing traits like cheerfulness, optimism, warmth, and wisdom. It grabs attention and triggers thinking, making it a good gift for birthdays and big celebrations.


They’re both hybrid tea roses with similar care and growing characteristics. Yellow roses also share a wide variety of blooms known as peach roses. Consider a bouquet of peach and yellow roses to offer a heartfelt bouquet rooted in togetherness.


What is the Difference Between a Peach Rose and Red Roses?

What is the Difference Between a Peach Rose and Red Roses

Peach roses are also different than the classic red rose because of their different meanings. Red roses are bold and romantic, while peach roses are more understated.


Red roses have made their mark as the classic symbol of true love, dating back to ancient Greek mythology, with ties to the goddess of flowers Chloris and Venus. They continue to define feelings of admiration, eternal love, and beauty in Shakespeare’s poetry. Today, it’s making an impression as the symbol of love at first sight on The Bachelor and Bachelorette. Red roses are also the staple of Valentine’s Day.


Both rose colors are an excellent choice to make a significant other feel special, but you likely want to keep peach roses for less bold gestures.


Conclusion: What Do Peach Roses Mean – Meaning of Peach Roses

In summary, a peach rose represents kind gestures, new beginnings, and friendship. In addition, it also symbolizes gratitude and genuineness, and its color illustrates sweetness and playfulness.


If you want to grow your peach roses, you are in luck. They require somewhat warm to hot temperatures to grow and don’t need too much water to thrive. You can keep the soil moist, and you are all set with that.


Finally, peach roses make the perfect gift to give to someone. Some occasions you can consider giving them to someone include weddings, graduations, and on Mother’s Day. In addition to that, they work great as a centerpiece for your thanksgiving table.


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