What Does a Yellow Rose Mean?

What Does a Yellow Rose Mean

The meaning of yellow roses symbolizes optimism, energy, joy, happiness, and friendship. In some cultures, it can also stand for intellect. Also, yellow roses help illustrate cheer and happiness in someone’s life.


So, what is the brief history of yellow roses, and do they genuinely mean joy? Can you grow these in your garden or home? Are yellow roses naturally found in nature? When should you send someone yellow roses? Lastly, what are the primary differences between yellow, green, and red roses?


Here is the complete guide to yellow roses and what they mean!


A Brief History of Yellow Roses

A Brief History of Yellow Roses

Europeans first discovered the history of yellow roses in the 18th century. According to Bengert Green Houses, the yellow rose’s meaning went through numerous shifts in its meaning. In the Victorian era, yellow roses symbolized jealousy. Over time the meaning shifted as psychologists learned how colors associate with mood.


Unlike some meanings of flowers, which can vary worldwide, the purpose of yellow roses is consistent across multiple cultures. In Western cultures, the definition behind yellow roses reflects friendship and optimism. Eastern cultures are very similar in their interpretation; yellow roses symbolize happy occasions and feelings of joy. In Japan, yellow roses go beyond happiness and cheer to mean courage or inner strength.


Do Yellow Roses Mean Joy?

Do Yellow Roses Mean Joy

A bouquet of yellow roses symbolizes joy and friendship. The language of flowers comes through color and scent. The color yellow builds confidence, activates the brain’s memory center, stimulates the nervous system, and studies have shown it enhances vision. Yellow roses can be an excellent gift for a family member, regardless of age.


Yellow roses are often associated with the sun because of their warmth. A popular choice when you want to illustrate to someone you care, and it is the perfect gift to say, “I love you” in a light-hearted way. The flower’s meaning for these vibrant blossoms sends a clear message of happiness. Although they were known for jealousy in the Victorian era, yellow symbolizes friendship and joy today.


Do Yellow Roses Grow Naturally?

Do Yellow Roses Grow Naturally

Yellow roses can grow naturally in the wild, much like red, pink, and white roses. According to SF Gate Contributor, “Different shades of roses, some striped or splotched, naturally occur in wild and species roses in varying intensities.”


Although these flowers grow wild in the middle east, you will most likely find them at your local greenhouse or flower shop, along with roses of different colors. You can also grow yellow roses in your garden or yard, which requires proper care and maintenance.


Can You Grow Your Own Yellow Roses?

According to ProFlowers, a yellow rose is the happiest around 60-70 degrees and thrives in sunlight. Placing your plant in a location with 6-8 hours of daylight a day is a sure way to grow this flower with vibrant color.


To water effectively, make sure the soil is moist. Water immediately after being planted, and check consistently every few days. To avoid soil dryness in the summer, you may want to water daily.


Finally, you can propagate these flowers like orange, pink, and white roses—a new beginning for each rose. Bearing yellow roses consists of cutting from the plant containing a node and using either the water or soil method to create new roots.


When Should You Send Someone a Yellow Rose?

When Should You Send Someone a Yellow Rose

Yellow roses are trendy to gift in the spring and summer to a friend or loved one. Sending someone a yellow rose to show your friendship and compassion for a family member can be a fantastic idea. You can also send a to a co-worker having a rough day, with a message to spread joy. This color of rose is also a great way to say “congratulations.” The different meanings of the yellow rose to make it the perfect gift for any special occasion.


As the traditional friendship symbol, yellow roses are the perfect flowers to give a friend to let them know you care about them. The yellow will fill their lives with a little bit of sunshine. The yellow rose is a perfect gesture to show you care. They also make great centerpieces for special events.


What is the Difference Between a Yellow Rose and a Green Rose?

What is the Difference Between a Yellow Rose and a Green Rose

The main difference between a yellow and a green rose is the vibrant joy spread through the color yellow. These roses also symbolize two different areas of growth and love. It is best gifted to a friend.


The green rose symbolizes new beginnings and stability. A green rose is appropriate to send to a family member just having a baby or a friend starting a new business venture. Yellow represents optimism and loyalty. Green represents luck and good fortune.


What is the Difference Between a Yellow Rose and a Red Rose?

What is the Difference Between a Yellow Rose and a Red Rose

The difference between a red rose and a yellow rose is the way they show love. A red rose symbolizes passionate love for a partner (typically romantically). Meanwhile, the yellow rose is a more light-hearted way to share your joy and happiness with others.


The red rose symbolizes true, undying love for a partner. The red flower symbolizes all things that make a love story; passion, desire, true love, and romance.


The yellow rose shows optimism, delight, and abundance. The yellow flower symbolizes everything that makes a friendship bond—cheer, contentment, and generosity.


Conclusion: What Does a Yellow Rose Mean?

In summary, a yellow rose typically means true friendship. The yellow rose symbolizes light in life and sunshine when someone you care for is struggling. The yellow rose, at first sight, is sure to make you smile vibrantly. It is good luck to have bright yellow roses around your living area.


Finally, the yellow rose is the perfect flower to spread in your garden and community to connect with loved ones and enjoy.


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