What Does an Iris Flower Mean?

What Does an Iris Flower Mean

The iris flowers symbolize hope, faith, and wisdom. However, this flower has multiple colors that bear their significance in particular meaning. A member of the Irideae family, iris flowers wilt in colder seasons, but their blooms return in spring, evoking rebirth.


So, what is a brief history of the iris flower? What do iris flowers symbolize, and what does the name mean exactly? What do all of the different colors of iris flowers represent and symbolize? Finally, what are some interesting facts about this type of flower?


Here is the complete breakdown of the iris flower meaning.


A Brief History of the Iris Flower

A Brief History of the Iris Flower

In 1749 B.C., King Thumose III began cultivating the iris plant after conquering Syria, where he came across the beautiful iris blooms. The king had sculptures made of iris flowers, some of which were displayed at the Temple of Amon in Karnak.


In 19th-century Florence, Italy, iris rhizomes were incredibly popular and eventually became the city’s official emblem.


In Victorian England, people communicated using the language of flowers. The iris was used to symbolize courage and faith and was given as a token of one’s admiration and respect.


What Do Iris Flowers Symbolize?

What Do Iris Flowers Symbolize

In France, the famous fleur-de-lis symbol representing the French monarchy on their coat of arms is said to have been inspired by the iris flower though the french term means “lily flower.”


In Chinese culture, the iris symbolizes vitality, change, and repelling evil. The large, whimsical petals on the iris flower evoke the image of a butterfly’s wings, so the iris bears the nickname “butterfly.” In ancient China, planting the iris flower around one’s home was said to keep negative energies at bay, and today the iris remains a symbol of positivity.


In Japanese culture, the iris is a symbol of strength and clarity. They are often given to loved ones struggling with their health or moving into a new home. A bouquet of iris flowers is said to provide positive energy.


What Does the Name Iris Mean?

What Does the Name Iris Mean

The name for the iris plant is the Greek word for “rainbow,” an apt name for a plant that blooms in so many vivid colors; this name is also shared with the ancient Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris. According to Greek mythology, Iris was a messenger between heaven and earth, guiding people to their final resting place.


For this reason, the ancient Greeks would use the iris flower during a funeral. They would also plant iris flowers at their loved one’s graves to summon the goddess to take their loved ones to rest.


What Do Purple Iris Flowers Mean?

Iris flowers can also mean different things depending on the colors. For example, purple irises symbolize royalty and wisdom. The color purple has long evoked a sense of majesty and grandeur, and this color, paired with the whimsical petals of the iris flower, has a stunning effect.


Purple irises are also the official flowers for the 25th wedding anniversary. These gorgeous blossoms are the perfect gift to give to your spouse on your 25th wedding anniversary or to another couple celebrating their 25th anniversary.


Aside from anniversaries, you can communicate your love and respect for your mother by giving her a bouquet of purple irises. They are also an excellent choice for decorating a wedding, as they add a touch of elegance.


What Do White Iris Flowers Mean?

White is often associated with purity and innocence, and the white iris is no different. White irises make a perfect bridal bouquet, as their delicate white petals evoke the serenity, joy, and purity of a wedding.


However, white iris flowers are not exclusive to weddings. A bouquet of white irises is an excellent gift for grieving loved ones, battling their health, or embarking on significant life changes. White irises can communicate sympathy and encouragement for those needing more positive energy.


What Do Yellow Iris Flowers Mean?

What Do Yellow Iris Flowers Mean

Yellow irises symbolize positive passion. An excellent choice for both romantic and platonic relationships, a beautiful bouquet of yellow irises can communicate your appreciation for their friendship in your life.


Gifting yellow irises can be an excellent way to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work. They can also be a perfect gift for a partner on a wedding anniversary or date. The joyful and energetic hue of the yellow iris is versatile and encouraging; a beautiful flower fit for any occasion worth celebrating.


What Do Blue Iris Flowers Mean?

One of the few iris colors that bloom naturally, the blue iris is one of the most popular colors for bouquets. The blue iris symbolizes faith and hope; they are the perfect flower to give to loved ones struggling through a difficult time.


In ancient Egypt, the blue iris symbolizes power and royalty, while in Japan, the blue iris symbolizes heroism. If you want to empower your loved ones and celebrate their success, a bouquet of blue irises is the perfect gift to communicate your respect for their accomplishments.


Blue irises can also be paired with other white blossoms to create a regal and elegant bridal bouquet or decorate for a wedding.


What are Some Interesting Facts about the Iris Flower?

What are Some Interesting Facts about the Iris Flower

  • Ancient Indians and Egyptians used the iris flower for perfumes and medicines like emetics, laxatives, and sedatives.
  • The name comes from the goddess of the rainbow.
  • The iris is the official birth flower of February, along with the violet.
  • Van Gogh famously drew iris flowers in a painting to remind people that there is beauty in the world where many struggle with mental health.


Conclusion: What Does an Iris Flower Mean?

In summary, the iris flower symbolizes faith, hope, and wisdom. However, other cultures have interpreted the iris flower as a symbol of change, vitality, and positive energy. Iris flowers bloom in many different colors, each bearing meanings from royalty and wisdom to purity and passion.


The iris flower has enchanted many people throughout history, from King Thutmose III to people in Florence, Italy, in the 19th century.


The iris flower got its name from the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris, which translates as “rainbow” in Greek. The goddess Iris was a messenger between heaven and earth and would carry loved ones to their final resting place after death. Thus the iris flower was planted around loved ones’ graves to summon the goddess’ aid.


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