What Flowers Mean Thank You?

What Flowers Mean Thank You

Giving flowers to someone as a “thank you” is a way to illustrate gratitude. However, choosing the right “thank you” flower might be complex since some flowers mean something else entirely. For a safe bet for getting thank you flowers, consider getting daisies, sunflowers, tulips, pink and yellow roses, orchids, Lily of the Valleys, Hydrangeas, and Bellflowers, when in doubt. If you want to give that person a thank-you houseplant instead of flowers, you can do simple things like prayer plants, sweet peas, succulents, air plants, lavender plants, and Christmas cacti.


So, are certain flower colors always best for a thank-you gift? Should you get someone a red or pink rose as a thank-you gift? What are some tips to consider when getting flowers to express gratitude? Finally, what flowers should you stay away from if you are trying to say thanks?


Here is the complete breakdown of what flowers mean “thank you” to someone.


What Color Hydrangea Means Gratitude and Thank You?

What Color Hydrangea Means Gratitude and Thank You

Going down the hydrangea route, consider adding blue and pink flower arrangements to express gratitude for someone. The colors of pink and blue arranged together are a simple way to say thank you to someone without one color dominating over the other.


Which Rose Color Means Thank You?

Which Rose Color Means Thank You

Avoid red roses if you give a rose as a thank-you flower. Red roses signal more passionate love for someone, which is not the message of a simple thank you. Instead, going with a yellow rose or light to dark pink rose tends to be a safer choice for a thank you message.


What Sweet Pea Colors Work Best as a Thank You?

Sweet Pea flowers are a straightforward way of thanking someone for something they did for you. The colors of Sweet Pea flowers come in pink, lavender, and white, which makes them some of the favorite flowers to give people as a thank-you gift. If you are looking for the perfect way to say thank you to someone or to show the meaning of gratitude in a multitude of colors, Sweet Pea is the way to go.


What Gerbera Colors Work Best for Gratitude?

What Gerbera Colors Work Best for Gratitude

When giving Gerbera flowers for gratitude, you should stick with light pink and yellow flowers. If you want to include the dark red Gerbera flowers, consider grouping them with the pale pink and yellow flowers as a symbol of gratitude. Never give straight dark red Gerbera flowers since they closely resemble red roses.


What Flowers to Say Thank You for a Happy Marriage?

While red roses can help express deep love for your spouse, usually like on valentine’s day, consider checking out Peonies. Peonies represent happy marriages, which can work great for your partner’s anniversary or another special day.


How to Choose the Best Thank You Flowers?

How to Choose the Best Thank You Flowers

When it comes to choosing the best thank you flowers, consider who will be getting these flowers from you. For instance, if this is for a loved one (close family member) who loves a particular type of flower, consider going with that type. After all, their favorite kind of flower might have a different meaning than if you got it for someone else, so consider that when choosing.


If you are getting a more generic flower to symbolize gratitude for their action and need help deciding what to buy, consider going to a local florist to help with your search. Florists will ask basic questions like their favorite color, what size flowers they like, and more. From there, the florist can help find the best flowers for you to give as a thank-you gift when you see that person again.


Finally, if you have a garden with many beautiful flowers, you can cut a few of them to give to someone as a thank you. The language of flowers has many different meanings, but a gift coming directly from you saying “thanks” will mean more to them than what you will find in a store. Plus, coming straight from your garden is a great way to show thanks since it is a more personal gift.


Should You Use a Flower Delivery Service to Say Thank You?

You can use a flower delivery service to give them the flowers as a thank you if you don’t live near somebody. You can even work with the delivery service to send over a custom floral arrangement as a thank-you gift.


Which Flowers Should You Not Give as a Thank You to Someone?

Which Flowers Should You Not Give as a Thank You to Someone

Saying thank you to someone with a bouquet of flowers is a nice gesture, but some flowers tend to have the opposite message. For instance, you should stay clear of Burgundy (black) dahlias and Black Roses since they are signs of betrayal. Black roses can also signal depression and sorrow, which is not what you are trying to achieve.


Another type of flower to stay away from is Buttercups. Buttercups tend to be seen as a bit childish from the game “do you like butter,” so try to avoid this choice.


Finally, avoid using Yellow Carnations when saying thank you to someone. Yellow Carnations come with the symbol of rejection and disdain, which is the opposite approach you should be taking. If you want to go down the Carnation route, white Carnations are safer.


Conclusion: What Flowers Mean Thank You?

In summary, finding flowers that mean “thanks” shouldn’t be difficult. The main thing to consider is who you are giving the thank you flowers to and what they like. If you give a more generic flower as a thank you, consider using colors that have light pink, yellow, white, or blue. If you need help with what to get someone as a thank-you flower, you can talk to your local florist, who can help guide you in the right direction.


However, one thing to remember is not every flower means thank you. For example, black roses or Burgundy (black) dahlias symbolize betrayal. On the opposite side, red roses symbolize more profound love, which isn’t what you want to convey.


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