What Flowers Represent Strength?

Certain flowers symbolize strength, which can be a powerful gift for someone going through a particularly challenging time. A strength flower can give someone hope and determination each time they look at that plant, which is what you want it to convey. Some popular flowers representing strength include Gladiolus, Snapdragons, Astrantias, Alliums, Valerianas, and Aquilegia.


So, what flowers tend to represent strength and why? What are some tips for choosing beautiful flowers that represent strength? Should you use a flower delivery service to send the flowers to someone, and what flowers should you stay away from that have the opposite meaning of strength?


Here is the complete breakdown of strength flowers.


What Color Gladiolus Represent Strength?

What Color Gladiolus Represent Strength

The Gladiolus symbolizes the endurance and strength of a person. The name “Gladius” is a Latin word for sword, which helps illustrate the true power that someone can hold. Gladiolus also symbolizes Roman Gladiators, which increases the strength message the flower symbolizes when given to someone as a gift.


Gladiolus flowers even represent victory, pride, and heroic deeds. The Gladiolus plant is one of the most powerful plants to symbolize a person’s strength and the battle they are going through in their life.


What Color Snapdragons Represent Strength?

What Color Snapdragons Represent Strength

Snapdragons, or Antirrhinums, look like a dragon’s head, symbolizing an individual’s strength. The beauty of gifting this flower to someone is how this plant has to grow in rocky and harsh conditions in its native lands. The Snapdragon flower has a unique story where it breaks through rocky conditions where it is native to sprout into an elegant flower, which symbolizes strength.


Consider getting a mix of multiple colors when getting someone a Snapdragon for strength.


What Alliums Represent Strength?

What Alliums Represent Strength

One neat thing about Alliums is their sphere shape represents the universe, good fortune, and overall discourages lousy luck. Along with that, Alliums help loved ones (like family, friends, or a married couple) get through a particularly challenging time when they look at it. The purple look of these northern hemisphere flowers helps them stand out from others, which helps exude the strength of character for the individual receiving them as a gift.


What Amsonia Represent Strength?

The cool blue color of Amsonias, along with the star shape look, helps them stand out from other flowers someone might have. While there are a few different colors for Amsonia, your best bet is to stick with blue and white, if possible. The symbolic meaning of the blue and white look helps symbolize strength, with two colored flowers creating one beautiful image.


What Astrantias Symbolize Strength?

What Astrantias Symbolize Strength

Astrantia (stemming from the Latin word aster, which means star) is a popular plant symbolizing an individual’s strength. This plant is so popular to give as a gift because of its unique star shape and look. A typical message of this plant is that it is a star that fell to Earth, which will bring good luck.


What Daffodils Symbolize Strength?

Daffodils symbolize strength in how they are common with the start of spring. The “renewal and new beginnings” of the season are an excellent way to bring cheerfulness to someone who needs a little bit of extra strength. Essentially, these flowers help remind the person that better times are around the corner through time and patience.


What Echinaceas Symbolize Strength?

The beauty of Echinacea comes from the powerful spiky look that they give. The Greek word “echinos” means “sea urchin,” which symbolizes the spiky nature of the plant as protection. That spiky look of the plant is a form of protection for the flower.


This type of flower has numerous health benefits for people, relieving cramps, sore throats, and more, which helps symbolize it as a powerful plant that protects itself to help others feel better.


How to Choose the Best Strength Flowers?

How to Choose the Best Strength Flowers

While the list above can help get flowers that symbolize strength, there are other genetic tips to consider to convey this message to someone. First, you should consider to who you give these flowers as a gift. While the language of flowers has different meanings to everyone, consider giving a flower to someone based on their personal taste. For example, if someone routinely gives Astrantia as a strength gift to others, consider returning that favor to them. With that thought process, give them a flower from your garden that they particularly like since it represents loyal love and friendship.


The next tip to consider is to find plants that look like a star or have unique spiky shapes. At the same time, not every flower on this list above is a star or spiky shape, but most of the ones that do represent strength. The star shape flower helps them stand out from other flowers, and the stars represent good luck from above for that individual.


Finally, you can talk with a florist if you are still looking for the best flowers representing strength. The florist will ask basic questions about what you are trying to convey. From there, they can work with you on finding the most suitable flower to illustrate the strength.


Should You Use a Flower Delivery Service to Give Strength Flowers?

Consider using a flower delivery service if you are trying to give the flowers directly to someone. Using this guide above, you can find a flower that represents strength to give to someone if you cannot.


What Flowers Should You Not Give to Represent Strength?

What Flowers Should You Not Give to Represent Strength

A yellow rose is one flower you don’t want to give someone if you are trying to represent strength. A yellow rose represents mental illness and cowardliness, which is the opposite message you are trying to say. Also, red roses/tulips should be off the table since they symbolize love and can give the wrong message to someone.


Other flowers to stay away from are the Black Dahlia and Black Roses. The black Dahlia/rose represents negative feelings that you don’t want to convey to someone. Essentially, this flower represents betrayal and doom, which you want to avoid.


Finally, it is best to avoid buttercups if you are trying to represent strength. Buttercups come off as a bit childish, which might diminish your intention of illustrating power for someone.


Conclusion: What Flowers Symbolize Strength?

In summary, numerous flowers help symbolize strength. Those flowers include Gladiolus, Snapdragons, Astrantias, Alliums, and Aquilegia. Each of these flowers holds the symbol of strength in its own way, which makes it come down to what you want to get someone.


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