What is The Birth Flower of July?

What is The Birth Flower of July

The birth flower of July is both the larkspur and the water lily. The blue larkspur’s beautiful color and height distinguish them as unique among other flowers, symbolizing joy, fun, and positivity. The water lily symbolizes birth, new beginnings, and spiritual enlightenment, a perfect flower representing those born in July. They also represent warm personalities that draw people in with humor and energy, making excellent birthday gifts for those with July birthdays.


So, is the month of July a water lily or larkspur? What do a water lily and larkspur symbolize in culture? What is the history behind the water lily and the larkspur flower? Do these flowers act as a good gift to give for people born in July?


Here is the complete breakdown to what is the birth flower of July.


Is July a Water Lily or Larkspur?

Is July a Water Lily or Larkspur

The larkspur and water lily share roles as the July birth flower. The unique and vibrant appearance of the larkspur beautifully represents those born in July and makes a perfect bouquet for July birthdays. Water lilies represent new beginnings and birth, which symbolizes the month of July well.


Florists will often pair larkspurs with daffodils to create a gorgeous bouquet. While water lilies are not used in bouquets, it is still possible to gift them to loved ones. The larkspur and the water lily are stunning flowers representing different ideas associated with July.


What Does a Water Lily Symbolize?

What Does a Water Lily Symbolize

Water lilies primarily represent purity, spiritual enlightenment, and rebirth. Meanwhile, the water lily can evoke different meanings depending on the color. An untrained eye might mistake the water lily for a lotus flower; however, water lilies have thicker, more waxy leaves with a noticeable notch on each leaf.


Pink water lilies symbolize friendship and youth, while red water lilies represent passion and romance.


As the national flower of Bangladesh, the water lily symbolizes the country’s strength and beauty. In the Buddhist tradition, the water lily symbolizes achieving full spiritual enlightenment. The water lily is also associated with the zodiac sign Pisces as the water lily represents the grounded and peaceful nature of a Pisces personality.


What Does the Larkspur Symbolize?

What Does the Larkspur Symbolize

The Larkspur also referred to as delphinium, symbolizes warmth, joy, and fun, and can also be associated with romantic feelings. Larkspurs indicate an open heart and, depending on the color, can be used to communicate different emotions.


White larkspurs represent carefree and happy feelings, while pink larkspurs symbolize fickleness and fleeting affection. Purple larkspurs symbolize first love.


Larkspurs are associated with warm summer days and evoke a sense of wonder with their long, whimsical stems and delicate, vibrant flowers. Due to their association with joy and romantic feelings, larkspurs make an excellent gift for a romantic partner or friend born in July. Pink and white larkspurs make a wonderful gift for a friend, while red larkspurs are a perfect choice for a romantic partner.


A Brief History of the Water Lily Flower

A Brief History of the Water Lily Flower

Water lilies were cultivated by both Assyrians and Babylonians, eventually migrating to Europe and North America in the 19th and 20th centuries. According to an ancient Greek myth, the Nymph, a spiritual entity found in water, would entice passersby with their ethereal beauty and either help them passerby or inhibit them in some way. The beauty of the water lily became associated with the Nymph, even bearing the scientific name Nymphaeaceae.


In Ancient Egypt, the land was split into Upper and Lower Egypt, and the water lily would represent Upper Egypt while symbolizing the unity between the two distinct regions.


One of the oldest surviving species of water lily is the amazon water lily, dating back millions of years. The water lily is also in the same family as the daffodil, also referred to as narcissus.


A Brief History of the Larkspur Flower

A Brief History of the Larkspur Flower

According to Greek mythology, Achilles’ mother rewarded the bravest soldier, Ulysses, with her son’s armor. Ajax, crestfallen that he was not chosen as the most courageous soldier, fell on his sword in despair and larkspurs sprouted wherever his blood touched the ground.


The larkspur has been given several names throughout history. The most common name, larkspur, was inspired by the spur-shaped petals of the flower. The larkspur’s initial name, delphinium, originated from the Greek word for dolphin because the petals resemble a dolphin’s nose. Shakespeare referred to the larkspur as a lark’s heel.


Native Americans would use the larkspur to create a brilliant blue dye, and eventually, European settlers used the larkspur to make ink. In the Victorian era, people communicated using the language of flowers, and the larkspur was a sign of openhearted affection.


Conclusion: What is the Birth Flower of July?

The birth flower of July is both the larkspur and the water lily, each representing various ideas and feelings associated with July. The larkspur and water lily make excellent gifts for loved ones born in July. These July flowers also act as motifs in ancient mythology.


The water lily symbolizes purity, spiritual enlightenment, and rebirth, making them an excellent birth flower for July. The water lily can also represent passion, joy, and friendship, depending on the color. A water lily is known for its resilient nature and unique anatomy. It has a history of representing various religious deities too.


The larkspur represents joy, warmth, and romantic feelings. The carefree and joyful vibe of the larkspur makes them the perfect flower to represent July, along with the more solemn water lily.


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