What is the State Flower of Florida?

What is the State Flower of Florida

The Florida state flower is the Orange Blossom (Citrus Sinensis). The orange blossom grows on orange trees, which means it has a fruity smell and pairs well with the state recognizing the orange as their official state fruit. The state likes to proudly showcase its oranges and flowers on stamps, license plates, postcards, and more.


So, why is the orange blossom (citrus sinensis) the state flower of Florida? What does the orange blossom represent and symbolize? When is a good time to give this as a gift to someone? What are the other state symbols of Florida? Finally, what are some interesting facts to know about this plant?


Here is the complete breakdown of the Florida state flower.


When Did the Orange Blossom Become the State Flower of Florida?

The orange blossom officially became the state flower of Florida on April 27th, 1909. Before 1909, numerous other flowers were in contention to become the state flower. For example, the gardenia was a serious contender to the orange blossom but ultimately lost that battle.


Why is the Orange Blossom (Citrus Sinensis) the State Flower of Florida?

Why is the Orange Blossom (Citrus Sinensis) the State Flower of Florida

There are numerous reasons why the Florida orange blossom is the official state flower of the sunshine state. To start, the fruit from the sweet orange trees is a significant export to the economy of Florida. According to Tasting Table, Florida produces close to 70% of the United States’ orange supply at 11 million tons of oranges per year, so choosing the flower that grows from this major export as the state symbol only makes sense.


Another reason why the state legislature made the Citrus Sinensis the official state flower of Florida in 1909 is because of the fruity fragrance it produces. In 1909, there was much debate about the state flower, with many popular flowers in contention, like the gardenia. The state legislature ultimately went with the Citrus Sinensis since it is plentiful and produces some sweetest smells during orange blossom.


What Does the Orange Blossom Represent and Symbolize?

What Does the Orange Blossom Represent and Symbolize

According to the Vancouver Florist, orange blossoms represent good luck, fertility, and health. Along with that, others see the flower as representing and symbolizing purity and virtue in someone’s life. Finally, some see the flower as depicting mature love and joy for someone in their life.


When Should You Gift an Orange Blossom to Someone?

When Should You Gift an Orange Blossom to Someone

An appropriate time to gift an orange blossom to someone is to wish them good luck and health. For example, if they are starting a new job or moving to a new area, you can gift them this flower to wish them the best of luck. Also, since the flower represents mature love and joy, it is an appropriate gift because you are expressing your joy for someone in the next step in life’s journey.


Orange blossoms are also a popular choice for wedding bouquets. For example, Queen Victoria was passionate about the orange blossom in 1840 and even wore orange flowers on her wedding day. Since the language of flowers sees orange blossoms as a symbol of chastity, adding them to a bouquet is an appropriate and timeless decision that dates back hundreds of years for brides.


Florida State Symbols: State Tree, State Beverage, State Fruit, and More

Outside of the orange blossom being the state’s official flower, other state symbols make up the sunshine state. Here are some of them below.


  • State Tree: Sabal Palm
  • State Beverage: Orange Juice
  • State Fruit: Oranges
  • State Animal: The Florida Panther
  • State Reptile: The American Alligator
  • State Bird: Mockingbird


What are Some Interesting Facts about the Orange Blossom?

What are Some Interesting Facts about the Orange Blossom

  • The Orange blossom became the state flower of Florida on April 27th, 1909.
  • The Orange blossom is most prevalent in Central and Southern Florida. You can also find these flowers in Southeast Asia.
  • Florida produces around 70% of the oranges in the United States, which is where the white flower stems from.
  • Orange blossom petals can produce orange blossom water / orange flower water. Orange blossom water is a popular choice to add to your cooking to add something sweet and tangy to the meal.
  • One popular way to create orange blossom honey is to put beehives directly where the trees bloom. As the bees pollinate the trees and pedal with citrus fruit, they produce citrus-type honey.
  • You can sell this honey directly to consumers as a natural-tasting honey treat.
  • You can use the white leaves of the flower to create orange tea.
  • Adding orange blossoms to bouquets is a popular flower choice. Queen Victoria wore orange flowers on her wedding day back in 1840, which helped make this a popular choice with future brides.


Conclusion: What is the State Flower of Florida?

In summary, the state flower of Florida is the orange blossom. Before it became the state flower in 1909, there were a few runner-ups to be the state flower, like the gardenia. However, the state legislature made the orange blossom the official state flower of Florida for numerous reasons.


First, orange blossoms are on orange trees, which is a significant part of the economy of Florida. About 70% of the United States export of oranges come from Florida, so making the state flower from this tree only made sense. Second, the flower can make tea, honey, and even orange blossom water. Third, the flower is beautiful, which goes with the beauty of the sunshine state and its residents.


Florida represents their state flower proudly in numerous ways. For instance, there are license plates in Florida with orange blossoms, which shows how important it is to the economy. Also, there are stamps and postcards that you can get that have this official flower on them, which adds to the importance of it in Florida’s culture.


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