Why Put Plants in a Bathroom?

Why Put Plants in a Bathroom

Did you know that some indoor houseplants can thrive in humid environments, which a bathroom creates? The steamy and high humidity environment that a shower produces is what some plants crave because that resembles their natural tropical habitat. Tropical plants need high humidity to survive, so placing them in a bathroom can be the perfect place to grow in your home or office.


In addition to a bathroom being a suitable place for some plants, there are other benefits to having them there. Plants can help relieve stress, increase concentration, boost your mood, and clean the air. Since we spend time in our bathroom in our home daily, why not add some greenery to the mix?


Here is the complete breakdown of why it is a great idea to put plants in a bathroom.


What Are Some Benefits to Having Houseplants in the Bathroom?

What Are Some Benefits to Having Houseplants in the Bathroom

There are many benefits to having houseplants in the bathroom. Below are some of the top reasons to put plants in that room.


Reduce Stress

According to the National Library of Medicine, plants can reduce some stress in humans. The study illustrates that caring for a plant for a bit each day outside of other routine activities reduces the stress levels a bit for the participants. Simply watering, changing the soil, or removing some dust from a plant can help break up the day and relieve stress.


Improve the Air Quality

Improve the Air Quality

Running a hot shower in the bathroom naturally creates a humid environment. Humid-loving plants thrive on this extra moisture in the air and naturally absorb this water into their system. By absorbing the moisture from the air, the plants help improve the stuffiness that you would find in a bathroom after running a shower.


In addition to clearing up some of the humidity in a bathroom, plants naturally absorb toxins in the air, adding significant health benefits to you. Any mold, dust, or other types of bacteria is something that plants can collect, which improves the air quality in that room for you.


Adds Some Fun Structure to Your Day

Houseplants in your bathroom can add meaningful structure to your day. For example, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, and combing your hair are part of morning routines. Adding bathroom plants into the mix can also keep your mind working by watering the plants, checking for bugs, inspecting the leaves, and more, even if it is only for a minute or two.


Bring Positive Vibes

Bring Positive Vibes

Feng Shui experts state that plants bring positive energy into the bathroom, giving you positive vibes. Plants represent energy, so having a few plants in the bathroom can help you start your day on the right foot, especially when you wake up.


Adds some Greenery to the Room

Not all bathrooms are the same. Some bathrooms might have big windows that let in lots of natural light, while others might not have windows at all. There is a plant for that light condition, no matter your bathroom situation.


Plants bring the outside world into your indoor home or office. Some plants can thrive with no light, which is vital, especially if you live in a small city apartment with limited windows. Adding greenery to your bathroom helps connect you to the outside world, which helps attach you to nature.


Helps Personalize the Bathroom to Your Style

helps personalize the bathroom to your style

Adding potted plants or hanging basket plants to your bathroom can reflect your style. There are countless ways you can decorate the bathroom to make it match your style. You can install a bathroom shelf to put some small succulents on it for decoration or have vining run down the wall to add some fun design.


Helps Certain Plants Grow Healthy and Strong

Some plants thrive in hot and humid environments. If you want these tropical plants to grow healthy and strong in your home or office, placing them in a bathroom is best. Running a shower or sink will create more moisture in the air, which these plants will love.


What are the Best Plants For the Bathroom?

what are the best plants for the bathroom

Plants that do best in the bathroom thrive on high humidity levels. Here is the breakdown of some of the best plants for no light, indirect light, and direct sunlight that come through a bathroom window.


Best Bathroom Plants with No Light

  • ZZ Plants
  • Boston Fern
  • Pothos
  • English Ivy
  • Calathea
  • Heartleaf Philodendron


Best Bathroom Plants with Low Light / Indirect Light / Bright Light

best bathroom plants with low light

  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Air Plants
  • Orchids
  • Asparagus Fern
  • Snake Plants (Mother-in-law’s tongue)
  • Bird’s Nest Fern
  • Bromeliads
  • Spider Plants
  • Peace Lily


Best Bathroom Plants with Direct Sunlight

  • Croton
  • Aloe Vera
  • Jade Plant


Is it Good Feng Shui to Put Plants in a Bathroom?

Is it Good Feng Shui to Put Plants in a Bathroom

According to Feng Shui for Real Life, having bathroom plants brings positive energy and vibes into the environment. However, while some plants do bring in positive energy, some technically don’t, which include ones with sharp edges. For instance, keeping a cactus in the bathroom wouldn’t work because of the sharp edges, along with the fact it prefers dry climates.


Indoor plants in a bathroom work well with positive energy and soak up physical energy in the moisture in the air. According to Feng Shui for Real Life, some of the best plants to put into the bathroom include Lucky Bamboo, Ficus, and Spider Plants.


Can I Put Plants in the Shower?

It is a great idea now and then to put your plants in the bathtub and shower them. Running a shower over the plants can remove dust and bugs on the green leaves. Not only does running a shower remove dust and bugs, but it can give the plant a thorough washing and get the water directly to the root system.


If you are going on vacation for a few days, one suggestion is to fill your tub with two inches of water and directly place your potted plants on it. Assuming the pot has drainage holes, the plant will naturally absorb the water when it needs it over a long period, which works great when you won’t be home for a few days.


What Are Some Plants That Don’t Do Well in a Bathroom?

The plants that don’t perform well in the bathroom are the ones that enjoy dry climates or prefer no humidity. Dry climate plants include cactus, jade plants, ponytail palms, and Gardenia.


Conclusion: Why Put Plants in a Bathroom?

In summary, there are many benefits to having plants in a bathroom. To start, plants bring positive vibes to your day, can improve the air quality, and allow you to showcase your style in that room. Not only that, but some plants enjoy being in hot and humid environments, so placing them in a bathroom is beneficial to them to grow strong.


In addition to that, most plants that work well in a bathroom are low-maintenance, which means anyone can take care of them!


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