How to Remove Weeds from Pavers

How to Remove Weeds from Pavers

If you have weeds between pavers, you can remove them with boiling water, baking powder, power washing, and more. Removing these weeds not only makes your pavers look better, but they also have the potential to cause damage to your pavement if left unattended. Unlike weeds in your garden or yard, these are a bit trickier to manage because they like to nestle into the pavers, which can be challenging to access.


So, if you have weeds in pavers, what tends to be the best tool to remove them? Does power washing get rid of weeds between pavers or only remove them at the surface level? Does white vinegar help kill weeds in pavers? Can boiling water act as a weed killer between pavers? Can baking soda get rid of weeds between pavers? Finally, how do I stop future weeds from growing between my pavers?


Continue reading to learn all about removing weeds from the paver!


What is the Best Tool for Weeds in Pavers?

What is the Best Tool for Weeds in Pavers

The hand weeder is one of the most popular tools used to eliminate weeds between pavers. With a thin, angled blade, the hand weeder can access the narrow cracks between pavers and dig out the weeds. Hand weeders come in different shapes and sizes, each with a unique style to suit your situation.


For example, the carrot weeder has an angled but tapered spear for digging between narrow spaces. These angled tools allow gardeners to easily remove weeds growing between pavers without fumbling and pulling with their fingers, inevitably leaving pieces behind.


You can also try pre-emergent or other preventative herbicides to keep new weeds from sprouting.


Can I Use My Hand to Remove Weeds Between Pavers?

Can I Use My Hand to Remove Weeds Between Pavers

You can use your hand to remove weeds from pavers, but there might be more efficient ways to do this job. Sometimes using your hand to remove weeds won’t entirely remove the root of the weed, which means it will grow back. However, you can use your hand if you only have a few weeds in between pavers that you need to remove for aesthetic purposes.


Does Power Washing Get Rid of Weeds Between Pavers?

Does Power Washing Get Rid of Weeds Between Pavers

In some cases, power washing can remove weeds from between pavers; however, it depends on what kind of surface your weeds are growing in between.


For example, power washing is an excellent method for removing weeds that grow in between the cracks in your driveway. Using a power washer is an efficient way to remove unwanted plants and debris. However, a power washer does not necessarily remove the weeds permanently but can address the problem temporarily.


If you have a brick or stone driveway, you should avoid using a power washer as it can wear on the material of your driveway and possibly remove sand or sediment between the bricks. In this case, adjusting the power setting on the washer is important.


Does White Vinegar Help Kill Weeds in Pavers?

Does White Vinegar Help Kill Weeds in Pavers

You can try white vinegar solutions if you are searching for a more natural and less labor-intensive method of removing weeds from pavers. The acetic acid in the vinegar can draw out the moisture in the weeds, eventually killing it.


Methods like this can also kill other plants, so be cautious when using this method and avoid getting any vinegar solution onto plants you do not want to kill. Consider pouring your solution into a sprayer, directly targeting the weeds you want to remove.


To make your natural solution combine one gallon of white vinegar, one teaspoon of concentrated dish soap, and two cups of table soap. You can pour your mixture into a spray bottle and remove the weeds you want. After about 24 hours, the weeds you have spread should already be dead or wilting.


Can Boiling Water Act as a Weed Killer Between Pavers?

Can Boiling Water Act as a Weed Killer Between Pavers

Another natural method to remove weeds from pavers is pouring boiling water directly onto the weeds. This method is particularly effective for younger weeds and can even kill the roots. It is essential to only use this method on weeds isolated from other plants. It is more difficult to control where the hot water travels and could kill nearby plants you want to save.


Can Baking Soda Get Rid of Weeds Between Pavers?

Can Baking Soda Get Rid of Weeds Between Pavers

Another simple method of addressing the weeds in your pavers is baking soda. As a natural product, baking soda is an eco-friendly solution with a high salt content that absorbs the moisture from the weed at the tip and the roots. To use baking soda, sprinkle the weeds with water and follow up with baking soda, sweeping the access into the pavers.


As a note, your best bet is to start with less baking soda and gradually use more if the weeds don’t respond to this method.


How Do I Stop Future Weeds from Growing Between My Pavers?

Once you do all the hard work of removing weeds from your pavers, it is important to follow up with preventative measures to keep more weeds from growing back.


Polymeric sand is an excellent way to prevent more weeds from growing back as it takes up the space in the pavers, leaving no room for plants to grow. You can place the sand in the pavers and activate it with water. Once the material is activated, it eventually binds and hardens.


Another maintenance chore to protect your pavers is regularly pressure washing your pavers on a low setting to help keep seeds, dirt, and other organic materials from nestling in and encouraging weed growth.


Conclusion: How to Remove Weeds from Pavers

When you notice weeds growing between your pavers, using tools like the garden hand weeder or the carrot design tool is more efficient than weeding by hand.


There are other methods of removing weeds that do not involve getting on your hands and knees and digging out the weeds. You can power wash your pavers, use vinegar solutions, sprinkle baking soda on the weeds, and even use boiling water. These methods are more natural solutions to using herbicides and chemicals like Roundup.


Regularly clean out your pavers with a pressure washer to prevent weeds from growing back, and consider using polymeric sand as a sealer.


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